1964 Corvette Roadster


VIN: 40867S103599
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 327c.i. / V8
Transmission: Automatic
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10241
Mileage: 35,381

Number’s Matching 1964 Corvette Convertible / Factory Optional Hardtop

Nut & Bolt Restoration of a VERY Original 53,000 Miles Example

Very Nicely Optioned  

Finished in Factory Ermine White & Black Interior


There is little doubt that the mid-60’s Corvettes have become some of the most desirable of the all of the Corvettes produced during the past 65 years.  This particular car represents what we often refer to as a “restored / original.”  By that we mean that the car is in very original, unmodified stock configuration but has received a frame up restorations.  The car is absolutely striking and could be taken to local shows, driven in tours, or used on the weekends.  Actually, this car is so reliable; we would not hesitate to drive it to work on beautiful California days!

This car is very nicely optioned, including the following features:

– Runs and drives extremely well and its overall condition support the reported original 53,000 miles

– Beautiful in Factory Correct Ermine White

– Option RPO# C07 – White Optional Hardtop

– Factory Convertible Top Car (New white top)

– Factory Numbers Matching 327c. Engine

– Option RPO# M35 Rare (Only 2,480 cars) Desirable Powerglide transmission

– Option RPO# G81 – Posi-traction

– Knock-Off / Bolt On Wheels

– Redline Radial Tires

– Option RPO# N40 – Power Steering

– Option RPO# J50 – Power Brakes

– Factory Gauges & Tachometer

– “Wood” Steering Wheel

– Factory Clock

– Option RPO# U69 – Factory AM/FM

– Factory Seat Belts (an option in the day)

– Bolt On Knock-Off Wheels

<center>“THE NUMBERS”  DECODED</center>

VIN # 4 08 67 S 105155

4 08 67 S 105155

4 =                                     1964

08 =                                   Body Series: Corvette

67 =                                   Convertible

S =                                    Assembled in St. Louis

Last 6 Digits:                     105155 (Production Series)


F 10 12 RF

F =                                    Flint, MI casting / production

10 =                                   October

24 =                                   24th Day

SC =                                  327c.i. / 250hp 1 4bbl, Powerglide Transmission

Note: Date of Production: November production of 1964 Corvette’s ended with car #106063 making this example (105155) a mid- November production.   The engine properly decodes including the VIN # of 105155 stamped before the engine # of F1012RF supporting and engine produced prior to the November production date and confirming a numbers matching engine. An inspection also suggests that the car has the correct transmission and a number of other original components.

1964 Dimensions
Wheelbase (in.) 98.0
Track Front / Rear (in.) 56.3 / 57
Length (in.) 175.3
Width (in.) 69.6
Height (in.) 49.8
Frontal Area (in.) 19.3
Ground Clearance (in.) 5.0
Curb Weight (lbs.) 3,030
Weight Dist. F/R 48 / 52
  Capacity (gal.) 20.0

This particular car is equipped with very nice options including P/S, P/b, AM/FM factory radio, knock-offs & redlines, wood steering wheel, factory tach & gauges, factory fitted seat belts and the desirable factory matching hardtop with an excellent headliner/underside.  The car was fitted with a convertible top when new that has been recently replaced (white).

Over the course of its 53+ years, years, the cars long term owners have resisted the temptation to make significant changes to the cars original configuration but it did undergo a “nut & bolt restoration. As the 100~ detailed photos of the Corvette reflect, all areas of the car are in excellent condition including the highly detailed engine compartment, undercarriage, body, trim, and interior.

The Corvette has a clear, transferrable title and the VIN plate, engine numbers, and other original components remain in place and appear to be unaltered and original to the car.

Cosmetically, this car shows extremely well.  While many of the early C1 & C2 Corvettes’ have been over-restored, this car has a magnificent blend of restored and original components making it especially attractive.  While much of the car has been “nut & bolt” restored, the interior was so good and showed so well that it was not re-done.  The entire interior including the seats, dash, gauges, trim and other parts of the interior are in beautiful condition.  The car is fitted with front factory seat belts.  The old saying, “You can restore a car over and over again but it is only original once” has application hear. We encourage a very close look at the interior to see why it was left in its excellent original condition.

The paint and body are excellent with only minor imperfections that in no way detract from the appearance of the Corvette.  Trim including chrome, stainless and lenses fall into the category of what we often refer to as “California condition”; free from the East Coast/Midwest pitting and surface rust that occurs even on cars that are stored inside.  ,

The panels are free from major damage, hood and door gaps are excellent and door locks are functional.  The doors, hood and rear convertible boot cover close solidly and fit well.   The exterior trim is complete including the “flag” badges that are prominently displayed on the front fenders.  Side windows roll up/down freely and the front headlights are functional.

The cars previous owner reports the mileage as original at 53,699 but, as a result of the age of the car, we must state it as TMU (Total Miles Unknown).  However, based on the overall appearance of the interior, and other factors, we would certainly accept that the mileage is this low.  The paint is chipping in areas on the seat belt latches, and the door jambs would benefit from detailing. The door panels are excellent.  The rear carpeted areas behind the front seats is in very good condition.

The engine compartment is clean and has restored and is highly detailed.  The engine bay is properly configured included the ignition shielding.  No aftermarket components (MSD boxes, etc.) have been added.

Mechanically, the car is very strong.  It starts immediately and idles smoothly.  The Corvette has excellent performance, shifts properly through all of the gears with very good “synchros” in all gears, including 1st gear.  The clutch engages without slipping or fuss, the brakes stop the car straight and sure and the Corvette steers straight without wandering.

With the abundance of over-restored Corvette’s, it has become increasingly difficult to locate complete, “honest” examples of original cars with numbers matching engines.  This car has would make a wonderful high level driver, show car and, based on its desirably, has the potential for continued appreciation as a usable investment.


Introduced for the 1964 model year, the C2 generation of Corvette was an instant hit. The car carried over the excellent engines from1962, but the remainder of the car was new, with now iconic styling and independent rear suspension. In 1964 and 1964, all cars were equipped with 327cid engines, and the most powerful of these was the 327c.i. / 360hp fitted with Rochester   injection. This option commanded a significant premium; over 10% of the base price of the car and, over the years, has become one of the more sought after engines in an early 60’s Corvette.

The 1964 Sting Ray was not only a commercial success, but was hailed by the automotive press as one of the best Corvettes of all time.  It was praised almost unanimously for its handling, road adhesion, and unrelenting horsepower.  Car Life magazine presented its annual Award for Engineering Excellence on the 1964 Corvette Sting Ray.  It was noted to have a significant edge over past models in both traction and handling because the new independent rear suspension reduced wheel spin considerably compared to the live-axle cars.  Chevy’s small-block V-8 engine, which was recognized as being the most consistent component of past Corvette performance, was rated by car buffs as being even better in Sting Rays.


1964 Dimensions
Wheelbase (in.) 98.0
Track Front / Rear (in.) 56.3 / 57
Length (in.) 175.3
Width (in.) 69.6
Height (in.) 49.8
Frontal Area (in.) 19.3
Ground Clearance (in.) 5.0
Curb Weight (lbs.) 3,030
Weight Dist. F/R 48 / 52
  Capacity (gal.) 20.0