1982 Ferrari 308 GTsi


VIN: 040385
Exterior Color: Fly Y ellow
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 3.0 Liter V8
Transmission: 5-Speed
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10416
Mileage: 17,680

1982 Ferrari 308 GTS17,680 Original Mile – Freshly Major Service Within 500 MilesDesirable “FLY” Yellow / Black -Two Long Time Owners

Incredible “Survivor” – A candidate for the Ferrari Club of America Preservation “Platino”

As defined by the Ferrari Club of America, a Preservation eligible example needs to meet the following criteria:- Be over 30 years+ old

– Come as close as possible to being in condition and functionality as when they left the factory

– Those cars that achieve 97 or more points will receive a Platino Certification

This late 308GTSi certainly answers the primary question that would be posed by 3 Ferrari judges: “Does the item, part, fabric, plating, or coating appear to be that which was specifically installed or applied on this car at the time of manufacture?”

This example represents an exceptional example of an unmodified, unaltered, original fuel injected 308GTSi. As the old adage goes, “Cars are only original once, and begin to deteriorate the minute they leave the factory.” This car retains its original paint with no history or indication of body damage or repainting, completely original, unmolested interior, properly configured front and rear “trunks” and original wheels. The car even wears its original, factory issued Michelin 220/55 VR TRX Steel Belted Radials (while we do not encourage the use of the car with these tires, they do add to its value as a survivor and for those who have an interest in showing the car.

Please google Preservation Platino and click on Preservation Class Standards and Awards for more information.

The ownership history documents the 308GTSi’s two owners from its purchase new until November, 2015. The car’s first owner, a physician, purchased the Ferrari new in May, 1982 and owned it for over 16 years when it was sold to the second “caregiver”, a Ferrari aficionado in Scottsdale, AZ on October 15, 1998. The second owner had possession of the 308GTSi until 2015, a total of 17 years when it sold to the present owner. Unique circumstances require reluctant sale of the Ferrari at this time.

The car’s documentation is extensive and includes the original factory window sticker and other original delivery items including:

– Window Sticker

– Complete tool roll (unused)

– Factory Spare (unused)

– Original Ferrari Document Holder / Case (with Ferrari logs) including:

– Owner’s Warranty & Service Book

– Ferrari 308 Consumer Information

– 308 GTSi U.S. Version Booklet

– Ferrari 308 GTSi Consumer Information Booklet

– Blaupunkt Dealer Added CR-3001 Manual (Radio still in car and functional including antenna)

– Spectrum Whistler Radar Detector (no longer installed)

In addition to including the factory accessories, the 308GTSi comes with extensive documentation from the 1st dealer service on June 21st when the car had 912 miles. The maintenance / repair file continues to document the cars history to the present time and as recently as 4/12/16 (within 100 miles) including

The Ferrari received a major service including the following:

– R&R timing belts

– Replace water pump with new

– Flush cooling system, add new coolant

– Evacuate & recharge air conditioning system

– Convert A/C to 134A

– R&R Battery

– New hoses as needed

– Complete oil service

– Safety inspection

The mileage is chronologically supported by the CarFax report with the exception of an apparent error in an entry on July 8, 2003 when the mileage was inadvertently entered as 140 (not 140,000, 40,000, but 140). Subsequent mileage reading track the mileage properly including the prior and subsequent readings that reflect the following:

– Dealer Sales Document to 2nd Owner dated 9/19/92 – Mileage 9,254

– Smog Inspection by the State of California on 6/18/07 – Mileage 17,679

There are no other discrepancies on the CarFax report or contained in the comprehensive maintenance file. The error is confined to one mistake in reporting and it is clear from the condition of the car and the documentation that the mileage is just over 17,000~.

In a word… striking. It is impossible to duplicate originality and, refreshingly, this car remains totally stock in virtually every respect. Not only is the car original, but it has its original factory paint, no history, or signs of current or previous accident damage, rust of other cosmetic issues. The car is documented since day one and has just had a major service within 500 miles so it is ready to be used and enjoyed, or shown at local or national level Ferrari gatherings.

The car, amazingly, still “wears” its original, Michelin TRX tires (including the spare), undamaged original wheels and most of its factory correct, original components. While the car’s tires should definitely be used if the Ferrari is to be used as an occasional care, they document the incredible originality of the car and its low, low mileage.

This particular 308GTSi runs and drives extremely well and is solid, rattle free and mechanically strong. It starts immediately easily, great oil pressure, good power, and freshly serviced. The 308 pulls strongly through all gears and has excellent, linear power. The clutch is excellent, free from slippage or issues, and progressive. The gearbox reflects the cars low mileage with excellent synchros, and the often problematic 2nd gear syncromesh not being a problem, even when the car is cold. The brakes are effective and the steering and chassis are tight and precise. The air conditioning blows cold and has been upgraded to 134A. The car runs cool even in California’s warm climate and has had the benefit of a new water pump, coolant change, hoses and complete inspection, performed by a Ferrari specialist within the past few hundred miles.

The interior is correct and in exceptional condition throughout. The seat upholstery and dashboard are totally original and in lovely condition with virtually no defects that detract from the beauty of the interior. The carpets are in great condition and have been protected with Ferrari logo black mats. The instruments and controls are in excellent condition, as is the center console, all of which appear are in original but incredibly well preserved condition. The steering wheel is Nardi, black Ferrari item with a yellow Ferrari logo horn button. The dealer added Blaupunkt radio remains in place and the power windows and other electrical items are functional.

The engine compartment, trunk, and front compartment are all very clean and correct in appearance. The engine is virtually spotless and originally configured. The factory air-box remains in place with factory correct semi-gloss finish and decals. The front compartment is in excellent condition and there are NO indications of any current or previous accident damage. The car has the proper plastic liner, fuse covers, and original spare with factory proper Michelin TRX tire.

As the preferences of the new generation of collectors emerge, the 308 is proving to be a popular model with strong investment potential because of its relevance to this buyer group. Values and interest in these cars is clearly increasing with documented sales of ‽honest”, high quality cars in the mid-$100,000 range. This car represents a rare opportunity to own a totally unmolested example of an original, limited owner, fully documented, 17,000 mile 308GTSI.

The Ferraristi who remained unconvinced that the Bertone-designed 308 GT4 2+2 was a true successor to the gorgeous Dino 246 had their prayers answered when the Ferrari 308 GTB was unveiled at the Paris Show in 1975. Ferrari returned to Pininfarina for the 308 GTB’s styling, and this two-seat, mid-engine coupe sat on a chassis with a wheelbase that was eight inches shorter than the GT4 upon which it was based.Production started with the GTB Berlinetta in 1976, with the 308 GTS Targa variant being introduced in 1977. The first 712 308s Ferrari built wore fiberglass bodies before the company switched to steel. In all, just over 12,000 308s were produced from 1976 to 1985.These 3-liter, V-8 powered 1980s icons represent an excellent way to enter into Ferrari ownership due to their relative affordability and ease of ownership, and can be divided into three different series. The 308 was carbureted from 1976 to 1979, with 1976 and 1977 models being especially desirable due to their more aggressive cams and lack of emissions equipment. The 308 GTBi and GTSi variants from 1980 to 1982 saw Bosch fuel injection replace the previous generations’ Weber carburetors resulting in improved performance and reliability.