Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles does Classic Cars Ltd. specialize in selling?

During our 28+ years in business we have handled virtually every car imaginable.  However, we have a reputation for the sale of sports, high performance, and specialty vehicles of all types.  Specifically, we have an interest in all European sports and high performance vehicles and unique vehicles.  We also handle high performance European late model cars i.e., Porsche’s, Mercedes AMG, BMW “M” cars and other sporting vehicles.

When it comes to American cars, we have had hundreds of 1960’s / 1970’s muscle cars, street rods, and high performance cars.  Of particular interest are Camaro’s, Corvette’s, Mustangs, Cobra’s, GTO’s,  and vintage hot rods, and pick-up trucks.

Please contact us to discuss the car(s) that you are considering selling as we have a list off buyers looking for a wide range of classics and late model vehicles.

What vehicles do you purchase?

Our experience suggests that consigning a vehicle can lead to increased net returns for the owner by allowing us to test the market with out of state/country buyers, and generate interest for vehicles that are more plentiful and in better condition than they may find in their local area.  However, we remain interested in purchasing vehicles when the owner is anxious to sell the car immediately or the cars relatively low value does not make the consignment strategy economically feasible.

How does your pricing work for consignment vehicles?

We believe that the most equitable approach to the consignment of a vehicle  is to handle the sale using a percentage of the sale price.  While other companies attempt to gain a commitment from the consignor relative to the lowest price they will accept for the car, this can result in a disproportionately high percentage/amount to the selling dealer.  Using a sliding scale allows equity for lower and higher valued vehicles and provides motivation to Classic Cars Ltd. to obtain the highest possible price for each automobile.

Our rates are very competitive and take into account a wide range of factors including the vehicle year, make & model, condition, and history.   Please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a detailed proposal for your vehicle and answer any questions that you may have regarding Classic Cars Ltd.

What do I need to bring when I consign my car with Classic Cars Ltd.?

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Can you assist with shipping my vehicle?

Yes,  For 28+ years we have worked with a network of transporters who provide competitive, reliable, door to door transport of all types of vehicles.  We do not use brokers who may not be familiar with the companies they use but deal directly with the transport company.  We do not deal with carriers who use terminal shipping that can result in moving the car multiple times increasing the likelihood of damage.  While most of our customers prefer enclosed transporters, we can also arrange for transporter who move the car on an open truck if that is your desire.  Finally, we handle all of the details  and can generally arrange for pick-up within a few days and delivery in 2-10 days depending on the location in the USA.  Sample prices (subject to change) are as follows:

  • From California to: Southern California: $350.00 (Open), $550.00 (Enclosed)
  • California to the Midwest: $900.00 (Open), $1,250.00 (Enclosed)
  • California to Points South: $1,400.00 (Open), $1,750.00 (Enclosed)
  • California to the East Coast: $1,600.00 (Open), $1,950.00 (Enclosed)
Note: Rates vary for locations outside of major metropolitan areas, over-sized vehicles, and other factors.  Please call for a specific quotations.