1932 Chevrolet Victoria 5-Passenger Coupe


VIN: 3134542
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Tan
Engine: Inline 6 Cylinder
Transmission: 3-Speed
Status: SOLD- Massachusetts
Stock: 09-10581
Mileage: 94,589 TMU (Total Miles Unknown)
Features: Beautiful Patina, Extremely Solid Northern California Car - History of Long-Time Ownership

1932 Chevrolet Victoria 5 Passenger Coupe

Rare West Coast Survivor with Lovely Original Patina

Runs & Drives Very Well


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During our 27+ years in business we have had the pleasure of owning and representing a wide range of cars including totally stock examples to heavily modified cars and trucks.  Simply stated, this desirable and rare ’32 Chevrolet 5-window coupe is a very original, complete and unique example of a 30’s vintage Chevy.  While Ford’s are considerably more plentiful, to find a totally stock, unmolested example of a ’32 Chevy is rare indeed.

The current owner, a serious collector with a penchant for 30’s-50’s American cars acquired this car from its long- time owner who had the car stored for years.  Unfortunately, circumstances are such that the long-time collector/enthusiast needs to reduce his collection at this time.

The car is best described as a “Survivor” and, in this case, the old adage “A photo is worth a thousand words” is certainly appropriate. For close to 90 years, this car has been kept in its original configuration and represents a lovely stock example of an unusual and desirable ’32 Chevrolet 5 passenger Victoria.

Please note the following features of this ’32:

– Virtually no exterior body damage

– Incredible underside with no apparent repairs, damage or rust through/rot

– Both tire/wheel side-mounts in place including matching yellow wire wheels with mounted tires

– Chevrolet logo “hubcaps” in excellent condition on all 6 wheels (4 mounted & 2 side-mount spares)

– Stock front and rear bumpers

– Rare emblems in place and in very good condition

– Beautiful ’32 grill shell with Chevrolet logo intact

– Correct and appear to be original chrome vertical slats in the front grill, proper for the 1932 model year

– Black & gold license plates from the early 1960’s (will remain on the car for buyers in California)

– Excellent lenses including rear with “Chevrolet” embossed in taillight trim

– All glass intact

– Functional electrical system including headlights, bright lights, brake lights, & horn

– Working gauges including speedometer, Oil pressure (excellent), Amps, Fuel, and Water temperature (runs cool)

– Original interior knobs and shift knob

– Excellent rubber mats in interior

– Working emergency brake

– All original interior & headliner showing wear & tear but complete

– Original steering wheel


The ’32 runs well and is really enjoyable to drive.  It starts when warm or cold with the use of the functional choke and dash mounted throttle.  The car has good power and we have driven it at 55mph+ with every indication it has the potential for higher speeds.

The car shifts properly, and the braking system is functional although the car occasionally pulls to the left upon heavy braking. The emergency brake is properly adjusted and functional.  The car runs cool even in our warm California climate.

Within 100 miles, the car passed the required California safety inspection for required equipment and items relative to a 1932 Chevrolet. Finally we have included a drive video of the Chevrolet for your enjoyment.


The Series BA carried over much from the Series AE and the main external differences were the sloping of the windshield and the removal of the external visor above. On either side of the hood the previous louvers were replaced by opening vents, finished in distinctive chrome on Deluxe models

It remained powered by the “Stovebolt Six” 194 cu in (3,180 cc) six-cylinder engine, but now upgraded with a downdraft carburetor and a higher compression ratio to produce 60 hp (45 kW). A three-speed synchro-mesh transmission was fitted and a “Free Wheeling” mode was standard, which permitted the car to coast when the driver’s foot was lifted from the accelerator.

The electrical system was 6 Volt Negative ground, dual front (referred to as “Town and Country”) horns and a passenger side Brake and Parking lights were options that could have been added on at either the dealership or factory. Turn signal systems had not yet been implemented; the generator used a “Cut-out” relay which only used 1 wire for its generating system. Voltage regulators weren’t implemented until 1935.

Chevrolet 5-passenger Deluxe Coupe Specifications

  • 2700 pounds, 590 US dollars, 7566 built (including 5-passenger Coupe)
  • Length- 167.2″
  • Wheelbase – 109.0″
  • Track (Front/Rear) – 57.6″/57.6″
  • Weight- 2,690lb
  • Engine: 60hp/3000rpm, Straight 6 cyl., 3.2 Liter; 12 Valve
  • Compression Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Final Drive Ratio- 4.1
  • 0 cid, torque is 130 ft. lbs.
  • Bore/Stroke: 35/16/ 33/4 inches
  • Compression ratio: 5.2: 1
  • Length 172 in, width 67 in, height 69 in
  • Clearance to the differential banjo is 8.5 inches, front axle is the same
  • Carburetor: Carter W-1 model 212-S or 235-S single
  • barrel downdraft with accelerator pump
  • Transmission: 3 speed syncromesh 2nd and 3rd gears
  • Rear axle ratio: 4, 1: 1
  • Maximal speed: 60-65 miles per hour
  • Tires: 5.25×18, although those supplied in
    the USA are marked 5.25/5.50×18.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 gal US, which is 46L?
  • Fuel consumption: 18mi/gal at 35-40 mph,

The 1932 Chevy could travel from 0-35 mph in 6.7 seconds!

Thank you,please let us know if you have any questions!

 Classic Cars Ltd.