1953 Singer 4AD Roadster


VIN: 4AD2577
Exterior Color: Alfa Red / Cirrus
Interior Color: White / Contrasting Red Piping
Engine: 1500cc / 4 Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10507
Mileage: 42,836 KHM - TMU
Features: Lovely, rare 1953 Singer 4AD with mechanical upgrades and complete cosmetic and mechanical "nut & bolt" restoration.

1953 Singer 4AD – When’s the Last Time You’ve Seen One?

Complete “Frame Off” Restoration

A Rare, Late Model Example of the Singer 4AD Roadster



Singer Motors Limited was a British motor vehicle manufacturing business, originally a bicycle manufacturer founded as Singer & Company by George Singer in 1874 in Coventry England. from 1901 George Singerss Singer Motor Company made cars and commercial vehicles.
Singer Motor Company was the first automobile manufacturer to make a small economy car that was a replica of a large car demonstrating that a small car was a practical proposition. It was much more sturdily built than other similar cyclecars at the time. Singer continued to produce cars until 19 56 when the business was acquired by The Roots group which continue the brand until 1970. A few years later Roots was acquired by Chrysler corporation.
The Singer 4AD was one of the last offerings from the original Singer company.  The 4AD had its origin before the second world war and the body style changed little since that time. An Ash frame with aluminum skin makes up the body tub and doors while the fenders, running boards and hood are steel. In keeping with bespoke technology some of the floorboards are wood. The car is supported by a substantial “U” section pressed steel chassis that is well triangulated and reinforced to carry the independent front suspension. The rear suspension is a more traditional live axle, mounted on semi elliptical springs.
This particular Singer 4AD was acquired by the current owner and British car collector in 2013 from the restorer who completed a comprehensive frame off restoration of the Singer.  The Singer, along with a 1955 MG Magnette and a 1952 MGTD are also available due to the current owners inability to drive any longer.  The fascinating and extensive history, contained in a large binder, includes articles about the cars restoration and history written by the owner in Victoria B.C.  The SInger was located in Canada where it was reportedly originally exported from the UK.  The car was completely disassembled and while the car was fairly complete, some parts were missing and thanks to assistance from the Singer club were located for the restoration of the 4AD.  Photos contained in the large binder and article(s) written on the restoration of the car support that it received a true “nut & bolt” restoration.  This included, but was not limited to the following:
  • Repairing and refinishing the ash frame as required
  • Reshaping the aluminum panels, straightening and repairing as necessary
  • Preparing the body panels for paint
  • Shimming and aligning all doors
  • Locating proper hood panels and restoring ensuring proper fit and closure
  • Complete refurbishment of mechanical components including suspension, braking system, cooling system, engine & transmission
  • New or restored fuel system components
  • Installing a refurbished Austin A70 engine & gearbox (same dimensions and displacement) – Mounted to original existing frame holes
  • New electrical system, restore gauges, switches, etc.
  • Two-tone paint using acrylic enamel in Alfa ROmeo Red / Cirrus Gray (Paint Codes in file)
  • All new upholstery, carpet, tonneau cover
  • The brass plate located in the engine compartment is L4AD2577W identifying the Singer as a car that was produced in 1953 as one of 906 cars manufactured in 1953
  • Above the tool bx is the # 4AD2577L , the Body Number
  • The Singer is fitted with engine # 15AA-U-H 3528
  • Gearbox A 5462

The Singer comes complete with considerable information on the cars restoration, receipts, manuals, Singer articles and other items including:

  • Original Singer Roadster Owner Handbook (Excellent condition )
  • Repair invoices / receipts
  • Carburetion Supplement to Owner’s Manual
  • Lubrication chart for Left Hand Drive Models
  • Copy of a Singer Manual published in the UK
  • Singer Advertisement
  • List of NASOC (North American SInger Car Owners Club) members with names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Article on the 1953-1954 Singer 4Ad from Motor Trader (UK)
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Technical Data
  • Complete Catalog of Spare Parts for the 4AD
  • Singer parts interchange listing  (shows Moss, Girling parts and where to access components from similar vehicles)
  • Articles on the restoration of this car
  • Photos of the car when it was acquired, prior to restoration
  • Multiple technical drawings / renderings


Personally, we believe the choice of a two-tone exterior color scheme for the car was very appropriate for the era.  While the Singer was restored ~10 years ago, it shows very well. The paint was a done well and with the car totally disassembled.  It remains very high gloss, laid flat with virtually no orange peel or significant paint defects.  There are no indications of any partial re-painting since the restoration and it is apparent the car has seen minimal use, primarily for attending british and local car shows where it has been extremely well received.  We are told that it has received awards that are not available die to the circumstances of the sale.  The body is free from any accident damage and the gaps are excellent considering the production era.  There are a few minor imperfections, the most notable of which are minor cracks at the bottom of the rear side trunk areas.  However, any slight flaws do not detract from the charm and overall appearance of the SInger.  The hood(s) line-up well and lock with the “key” that is stored in a “holster” inside the passenger side footwell.  The doors close solidly and the rear trunk lid closes and locks with good fit, carpeted, nicely finished, and houses a spare and jack. The wheels and hubcaps are in excellent condition and fitted with Coker wide whitewalls, a nice look on this Singer.

The chrome and other brightwork shows very well with no signs of patina, pitting, or damage.  The front grill is fitted with a badge bar and badges as show in the close up photos including: Royal Automobile Club of Canada,  Old English Car Club, British Columbia, Coronation 1953, North American Singer Owners Club, AA #0170986.  Also mounted are two clear driving lights,  side mirrors on both passenger and driver sides of the car, “wing” windows, and a windshield that is free from cracks and stars.  The windshield has a vintage Unocal sticker and a CVBCC (Central Valley British Car Club) sticker.

The interior is very tidy and finished in a light, almost white material with contrasting burgundy seat piping to match the exterior.  The entire interior was re-done at the time of the restoration and is excellent.  Seat belts were installed front and rear and a the Singer has a rear convertible boot to cover the storage space behind the front seats.  Also included is a full tonneau cover that snaps in place, fits properly, and is free from damage.  There is no top or side windows for the car and the original owners manual and other perido photos suggest no weather gear was fitted.

The gauges were refurbished and are original with the exception of an added temperature gauge.  Stock gauges include a functional speedometer (in KPH), Amperes, Oil Pressure, and Petrol.  The choke, starter and other switches have been replaced along with the electrical system as has the turn signal switch.  A very unique feature of the Singer is the fully operational trafficators that operate as semaphore signals which when operated using the turn signal switch, protrude from the bodywork behind the door and flash to indicate turn direction.  They can be seen in the photos.

Under the hood(s) is an engine that is highly detailed as are surrounding areas.  The proper ID plates are in place and the original crank starter and the lug wrench are mounted near the firewall in the proper location.  A period style grease gun is fastened inside the engine bay on the passenger side and can be seen in the photos.  A wheel choke can be seen in the completely restored engine bay.

The underside is California very clean and supports the body off restoration and replacement of wood and other components.  The condition suggests that the car has not seen rain since restoration.


The Singer runs and drives very well.  It starts immediately with a pull of the manual choke when cold, and equally as well once it is fully warmed up.  The engine does not hesitate and it runs smoothly as it is shifted up through the gears. The transmission is free from any unusual noise, shifts smoothly, and does not pop out of gear.  The engine propels the car nicely, is devoid of any fts well (both up-shifts & down shifts) and does not pop out of gear or slip.  There is no noise in the rear end and the Singer is a fun car to drive and one that receives attention wherever you go based on its unique design and rarity

The Singer runs at normal operating temperature with no indication of overheating, even in our warm California climate.  Mechanically, the car is excellent with good power, a transmission that shifts smoothly through all gears and is free from excessive rear end and transmission noise.  There is no unusual engine noise, smoking, or other issues.  Uncharacteristically, the car sits for prolonged periods of time with minimal signs of  oil leakage although occasional “spotting can be expected as is the case with virtually every British car.

As the old adage goes, “A photo is worth a thousand words.”  This is certainly the case with this unique Singer 4AD.  The car is turn-key and would be a wonderful addition to any British car collection, for use as an occasional fair weather car, or to attend local shows or car gatherings and be the only one to show up in a Singer!

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