1956 Ford F-100 - Includes #'s Matching 1956 Schwinn Bike!


VIN: F10V6N274468
Exterior Color: Green
Interior Color: Brown
Engine: 8 Cylinder
Transmission: 3-Speeed
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10516
Mileage: 38,062
Features: Very Nice Original Example with Excellent Cosmetic & Mechanical Manitnencance

1956 Ford F-100 Pickup & #’s Matching Green 1956 Schwinn Bike!

Restored & Finished in Original Factory Produced “Meadow Green”

272 cid. V8 “Y” Block & “3 on the Tree”

Originally Configured – Runs & Looks Great!


1956 Ford F-100 HISTORY

Many Ford F-100 enthusiasts believe the F100 was at its best by 1956. Some of the changes that improved the appearance of the ’56 vs the previous 1953-1955 include: a the elimination of the slanted front windshield pillars from 53-55 F100 in favor of a more refined wrap around windshield on the 56 F100. Often referred to as the “slant cabs”, the earlier F-100’s had a windshield and front cab pillars that slant up to the roof. The ’56 cab design change led to all kinds of additional changes. 1953-55 slant cab trucks also had a triangle shaped vent window to match the slant. In 1956, F100 models have a more rectangular shaped vent window. Of course the door windows and division bars are different from slant cab models as well.  The front grille & parking light assemblies are also unique to 56 models with headlights sunken into the buckets on the grille, and ’56 F100 air deflectors having a dished out area for the headlight bucket to have room. Inside, the dash gauge area became arched on the ’56 F100, rather than flat as on 53-55 models. Another significant change was a revised and new 12 volt electrical system, and the elimination of vacuum in favor of an electric wiper system. Rear tail lights were the shield type. There were a number of engine options including the basic 223 c.i. straight 6 cylinder, and various 272c.i. V8’s offered with 2bbl. & 4 bbl. carburetion.


This lovely 1956 Ford F-100 is finished in its factory produced color of “Meadow Green,” with a period correct color coordinated dark brown set.  The combination is beautiful and very reminiscent of the era.  The F-100 is not only represents a desirable year, but trucks in original, unmodified condition are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  The truck retains its factory correct 3-Speed “three on the tree,” a “Y” block 2bbl V8, and what appears to be all original sheet metal.  As the old saying goes, “You can restore a truck over and over again, but it is only original once.”  While this truck has had some cosmetic “freshening” and has been mechanically rebuilt over the years, it presents as a very nice original example down to the correct exterior trim, dog dish hubcaps, original gauges & steering wheel, and a large number of original Ford components.

VIN# Decodes as follows: F10V6N274468

F10 = Regular F-100V = 272 cid V8

6 = Model Year (1956)

N = Assembly Plant (Norfolk)

274468 = Production Run #

Additional information shown on the VIN plate (refer to photos to view the VIN plate)

3 = 3-Speed

U = Meadow Green

Rear End 3; 73/1


As reported by the previous owner, the F-100 was restored approximately 10-12 years ago with the body being removed the frame, a complete respray of the cab and bed in the original “Meadow Green, interior upgrades, and a rebuild of mechanical components.  While the ’56 represents an older restoration, it has held up very well, and reflects the care that was taken to maintain its original configuration while enhancing its cosmetic condition and ensuring that it was sold mechanically.  As inspection of the undercarriage (refer to extensive photos) supports that the F-100 is very clean with a straight, rust free chassis, no rust-through, rot, or damage.  In fact, the underside has the appearance of the truck being used largely in dry weather as a weekend vehicle and for attending the occasional local car show.

The exterior shows very well including factory original trim, emblems, and body panels. Door panel fit is very good with good gaps for the era, solidly closing doors, and damage free glass.  The factory produced %8