1965 Rambler Marlin Hardtop Coupe


VIN: 2100240
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
Engine: Inline 6 Cylinder
Transmission: Automatic
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10482
Mileage: 11,334 TMU
Features: Nice Original Marlin with Recent Cosmetic Refreshening

Beautiful, Rare, and Northern California Rambler Marlin

When’s the Last Time You’ve Seen One? One of 10,327 Produced!

100% Stock “Survivor” with One Quality Re-Spray – Beautiful Interior / Exterior

Limited Owners – Lifetime Northern California Car

Wow Them at the Next Car Show!!



Features of this particular car:

– Very Solid Rust Free Body with a History of Lifetime California Ownership

– Bulletproof 3.8 Liter Engine

– 3 Speed Automatic transmission

–  Stock & Very Rare Wheel Covers

–  Unmodified Interior in Excellent Condition

– Factory installed & fully functional radio

– Tidy Engine Compartment

– Trunk is Solid & Immaculate

Note: This is an example where “A photo is worth 100 words.”  Please review the photos carefully to get a feel for the quality of this rare and special 60’s piece of history!

We haven’t seen a Marlin in many, many, years and, we must say, have really enjoyed having this example in our showroom and driving around Pleasanton.  Since we opened Classic Cars Ltd. over 25 years ago, we have seen and had the pleasure of driving everything from exotics to classics, to highly unique cars of all types. We can’t remember getting more thumbs up and positive comments when we drive, and stop in this one!!  The combination of the cars uniqueness, 60’s styling, and overall condition attracts more attention than those red cars with the “prancing horse” emblems.

This example has been adult owned, restored as necessary with proper period materials for a lovely appearance. The care that the Marlin received is obvious, and cared for, and it shows.  Not only is it cosmetically excellent but it represents a car that can be used and enjoyed for any number of reasons ranging from cruising to local cruises and collector car shows.  We imagine the folks in the Midwest (especially Wisconsin!) will have a keen interest in this one since most of the cars in that region rusted away years ago.


The Marlin represents a very clean example of a California car that had been under the care of the previous owner for 10 years.  The car is a desirable 2 door, 1965 Marlin and is striking in its factory produced Classic white with black interior.  While the car has had some significant cosmetic improvements, it remains in virtually 100% stock configuration.

Mechanically, the car is strong and drives really well. The undercarriage is dry and there are no major leaks in the engine or drive-line.  The Marlin retains stock driveline including the engine, transmission, rear end, and other major mechanical components. The Marlin is fitted with power steering and brakes.

The Marlin passed the California required safety inspection and has functional lighting systems.  It is smog exempt as a 1965 model year (any vehicle older than 1975 does not require a smog inspection in California).


– Beautiful factory correct color in high quality, trim removed silver metallic

– Beautiful, damage free body with excellent door, hood and trunk gaps

– Correct exterior trim

– “California clean” chassis and other suspension components

– Very nice panel gaps / fit

– Straight, damage free undercarriage – no indications of repairs / damage or replacement

– Excellent exterior trim

– Driver’s side factory mirror with “R” (Rambler)

– Beautiful chrome bumpers

– Excellent glass & trim (all windows roll up easily, no damage to windshield)

– Functional locks including trunk


– Very nice upholstery (front & back)

– Totally stock interior

– No seat belts required in California since in 1965 they were not required (hard to believe, but true)

– Factory AM radio that works fine with “Realistic” rear speakers / improved “sound system”

– Excellent carpet

– Solid dash with two minor cracks

– Very good headliner


The engine bay is very today and totally unmodified / stock.  The Marlin delivers very nice performance from its factory engine and the automatic transmission shifts beautifully.  The car does not smoke, leak significant fluids, or exhibit any drivability issues.  The car steers straight, stops straight and well, and has a properly adjusted e-brake.  It is a very comfortable car to drive and we have driven it on the highway over 100 miles and it is a joy to drive.

The trunk is very clean and fitted with the original mat.  The original spare is present but missing a spare tire that will need to be sourced by the cars new owner.  There are no signs of damage to any part of the inner trunk, supports, or other areas.


The new owner will receive the following:

– A 1960’s dealer advertising, full color brochure

– An original owner’s manual

– Clear California title


The Marlin was one of the unique group of cars introduced in the 1960’s in favor of the demand for sporty, fastback cars.  Many think that it resembles the Dodge Charger of the era and collectors are beginning to show a keen interest in the Marlin due to its unique styling characteristics.  The 1965 Rambler Marlin was essentially a re-roofed version of the intermediate Rambler Classic, yielding “3+3” seating. Styling, created by Richard A. Teague, was first seen on a handsome 1964 show car, the Tarpon, based on the smaller Rambler American platform (which would have made it a 2+2).

Many thought the sweeping fastback looked great, and it had the benefit of offering more room than other sporty coupes / sedans of the period.

Automotive journalists sited the following as benefits of the Marlin:

– Good performance

– Historical uniqueness and potential for future collectability

– Plush interior

– Reasonable prices considering the skyrocketing cost of other collectibles

– Comfortable seating / excellent ride


–         Currently licensed & registered in California (Clear title) until 1/29/19 for CA buyers

–         The Marlin is exempt from California smog inspection based on its age

– Recently passed the California safety inspection (proper lights, turn signals, etc.


– We have a number of additional, detailed photographs but are only able to show 75+ on our listings.  Please let us know if we can provide additional detailed photos of any part of the Marlin.

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