1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427c.i. / 425hp Coupe


VIN: 194376S115738
Exterior Color: Mosport Green
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 327 c.i. / 350 hp
Transmission: 4 Speed
Status: Sold

  Original California Car Body Off / Nut & Bolt Restoration  

Restored to Original Configuration Utilizing NOS & Original Components

Highly Optioned Mosport Green (1966 Only) Paint, Rare Factory A/C & MORE!

A Highly Documented, No-Excuses Mid-Year Corvette



This 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe is one of the most outstanding examples that we have seen, plus it drives every bit as good as it looks. The current owner purchased it from the original buyer in 1972 and it has remained in California for all but 1 year (prior to the complete frame off restoration). The car has been lovingly restored and maintained as evidenced by a massive file of receipts and documentation. Major features are:

  • 327 cu. in. L79 V8, 350 hp – Proper Date Code
  • #’s Matching 4 speed close ratio manual transmission
  • Recently Rebuilt / Original Posi-traction rear end
  • Body-off restored, “No-Hit” California car
  • Reproduction knock-off aluminum wheels
  • Proper date-coded steel rally wheels also available
  • Near-new Gold Line radial tires
  • NOS side mount exhaust system
  • Rare factory air conditioning converted to R134a
  • Factory Power steering, power brakes, power windows
  • Factory AM/FM radio w/ power antenna
  • Beautiful, supple dark green leather seats (Leather not available in ’66, upgraded during restoration.)
  • Excellent carpet and dash pad and color coordinated floor mats
  • Original documentation (dealer purchase order, owner’s manual, owner protection plan booklet w/ Protect-O-Plate, radio instructions, jacking instructions, knock-off wheel card)
  • Rare Mosport Green exterior in exceptional condition with show level paint / body
  • Flawless chrome bumperettes and stainless trim
  • Excellent original tinted glass all around
  • Excellent, better than new panel fit
  • Quality indoor car cover included
  • Most parts removed during restoration included (packing and shipping from the LA area is the buyer’s responsibility) – See below for partial list of items to be included


This 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe has been enjoyed by the current owner for 42 years as an occasional use vehicle and as part of a prestigious collection of fine Domestic and European vehicles. He purchased it from the original buyer. Other than 1 year, it has spent its entire life in California. It is a highly optioned car with power steering, power brakes and power windows plus air conditioning. It has been through a painstaking and very costly body-off restoration, using original components with proper date codes or correct, properly dated New Old Stock (NOS) parts (as supported by the included records). The car includes all original date-coded windows, headlight motors, window motors, voltage regulator, carburetor, etc. With only minor exceptions (electronic ignition, high-torque starter, radial tires, R134a refrigerant, selected powder coating, cadmium plated hardware); the temptation to modernize has been resisted. Some aspects are really better than factory original such as the panel fit, paint quality, interior quality and the power-coated chassis/suspension. Using Old Car Price Guide criteria, we would rate the car as a #1 and, while it has never been NCRS judged, but we believe with little effort it is worthy of recognition by the NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society), possibly a Top Flight Award.


The car was manufactured in March 1966 and bears VIN 194376S115738. The original Sacramento owner bought it a month later from Capitol Chevrolet in Sacramento, selling it to the current owner in 1972.   The current buyer had the initial complete engine rebuild completed (including balancing & blueprinting) done in in 1976. The rear end was rebuilt at that time and the car continued to receive mechanical improvements on a regular basis.  It was then used as a daily driver until 1981. From October 1992 to July 1994, the car underwent a total body-off restoration of the “No-Hit” body. Extensive photographs of this restoration are included at the bottom of this write-up. It has been driven sparingly since then, about 14,000 miles in the last 15 years. In more recent years, considerable maintenance has been performed, particularly on the engine as noted later. It is now offered for sale due to a growing classic car collection, exceeding storage limits. The car bears California Year-of-Manufacture black plates RWV 714 and is titled and registered in California.


The trim tag under the glove box and beside the VIN tag reads as follows:

  • Style 66 437           1966 Sport Coupe
  • Body A-2961           A.O. Smith manufactured
  • Trim 430                 Green vinyl (upgraded to leather during restoration)
  • Paint 982                Mosport green (2,311 made)

The engine block bears the casting number 3858174, proper for the 327c.i. / 350hp  engine, and proper sequence casting date A316 (January 31, 1966) that precedes the assembly date of the car. The block serial number (located on the front engine “pad”) was smoothed off when the block was machined during rebuild as is often times the case.  Heads are correct “hump heads.”   

The odometer currently reads 54,315 miles. The current 42-year owner and the records support this as an actual 154,315 miles. However, the car has been driven only about 14,000 miles since restoration and the engine only 2,400 miles since rebuild.


The original purchase order from Capitol Chevrolet, dated 3-24-66, is included. It shows a base list price of $4,406.75 plus $1,142.69 of special equipment for a total of $5,548.44. Color was Mosport Green, with only 2,311 produced.

Accessories included:

  • A01 Soft Ray tinted glass, all windows         43% of total production
  • A31 Power Windows                                         16%
  • C60 Air Conditioning                                        13%
  • G81 Posi-traction rear axle                               87%
  • J50 Power Brakes                                               20%
  • K19 Air Injection Reactor                                   9%
  • L79 327 cu. in. 350 hp engine                           27%
  • M21 4-speed manual, close ratio trans            50%
  • N40 Power Steering                                             20%
  • T01 Goldwall Tires                                               20%
  • U69 AM/FM Radio                                               95%

Added later during restoration:

  •  – N14 Side-mount exhaust (NOS)                       13%
  • P48 Cast aluminum knock-off wheels (repro)

The extensive file of documentation and receipts is about 4” thick. Original documentation includes the following:

  • Original dealer bill of sale
  • Original owner’s manual
  • Original owner protection plan booklet w/ Protect-O-Plate
  • AM/FM radio instructions
  • Jacking instructions
  • Knock-off aluminum wheel card
  • The car is registered on the C2 registry

Highlighted below are major items from the restoration/maintenance receipt file, emphasizing those items in recent years since restoration.

  • 11/2014; 54,291 mi.—4 wheel alignment
  • 02/2013—Clock conversion to quartz movement
  • 53,275 mi. (1000 mi. ago)—Rebuilt Posi-traction rear end $2400
  • 03/2009—Restored both headlight motors
  • 08/2009; 52,271 mi.—New fuel pump, carburetor overhaul
  • 09/2009—New high torque (non stock) starter
  • Late 2009 (2400 ago)—Rebuilt engine, rodded out radiator core, new water pump, new belts and hoses, new spark plugs/wires, new voltage regulator, Pertronix ignition $9400
  • 51,000 mi.—New Diamond Back Gold Line radial tires $1170
  • 10/2006—Alternator rebuilt and tested
  • 11/2002; 44,524 mi.—New clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, fork, surfaced and balanced flywheel $1130
  • 02/2002—Rebuilt steering box
  • 04/1993—Proper NOS side mount exhaust system, new grille, new reproduction knock-off aluminum wheels $2280 (during body-off restoration)
  • 1990—New proper gas tank

The following list of significant date codes was noted during the restoration:

VIN tag                             Build date      2/24/66

Expansion tank               Code 66B      Feb 66

Alternator                          Code 5J28    10/28/65       P/N 1100694

Instrument cluster           2/26/66

H                                          Feb 66          P/N 5045374

H                                          Feb 66          P/N 5045375

Horns (both)                      Code 5M5

Rt. Power window mtr.   Code N1065  Oct 65

Left Power window mtr.  Code P1265  Dec 65

Rt. headlight motor           Feb 66  P/N 5045374

Left headlight motor          Feb 66  P/N 5045375

Left wind wing                    Code YJAS2 Oct 65

Left door window               Code NAAS2 Jan 66

Rear window                       Code VJAS2 Dec 65

Rt. Door window                Code NAAS2 Jan 66

Rt. Wind wing                    Code YJAS2 Oct 65

Windshield                         Code NAAS1 Jan 66

Door panels                         2/16/66

Carpet rear                           1/17/66         P/N 3887406–JP Stevens & Co

Carpet RR                             1/10/66         P/N 3862622–JP Stevens & Co

Carpet LF                              12/1/65         P/N 3862593—JP Stevens & Co

Carpet RF                             12/27/65       P/N 3862594—JP Stevens & Co

Seat Belts (both)                Code 9E+66

Distributor                          Code 5K11                        P/N 1111156

Rear end                               Code AO-3.55 2/26/66       P/N 1119515

Coil                                       P/N 1115202

Exhaust manifold, left      P/N 3872765

Exhaust manifold, right   P/N 3872778

Intake manifold                 P/N 3890490


  • 327 cu. in. L79 V8, 350 hp, 360 lb-ft torque, hydraulic lifters, recently freshened
  • Stock, numbers correct 4 barrel carburetor
  • Proper finned aluminum valve covers w/ “casting flaw” through “o”
  • All distributor and spark plug static shielding in place
  • Proper GM hoses w/ factory style clamps
  • 4-speed manual close ratio M21 transmission
  • Posi-traction G81 rear end, 3.70:1 ratio
  • Upgraded Optima Red Top battery
  • Headlight motors operate properly and in synch
  • Dual side-mount N14 exhaust system (NOS but not on car as originally delivered)
  • 4-wheel J50 power disc brakes; master cylinder/power unit replacement
  • Power steering N40
  • Power windows A31
  • Factory C60 air conditioning (converted to R134a); only 2,138 of 9,958 coupes so equipped
  • Reproduction P48 style knock-off aluminum wheels
  • Near-new T01 style Diamond Back Gold Line radial tires, 215/65/R15
  • Used spare tire in tub under rear; no lock
  • Original K19 Air Injection Reactor included but not on car
  • Frame and suspension powder coated
  • Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings in suspension
  • Many nuts and bolts are cadmium plated
  • The speedometer and odometer have been professionally calibrated and are quite accurate (certificate included)
  • Functional clock and gauges


  • Beautiful Mosport Green Code 982 paint; only year for this color and only 2,311 produced; this is a very attractive and rare “silver” green
  • Excellent fit of body panels (probably better than factory)
  • Both doors and the hood close smartly
  • Excellent chrome bumperettes
  • Excellent, dent-free stainless trim around windshield and rear window
  • Excellent A01 LOF Soft-Ray Tinted Glass in all windows, properly etch coded
  • Rear factory power radio antenna
  • All factory badging in place
  • Air conditioning sticker on rear window
  • New grille
  • New gas filler door
  • Year-of-manufacture black 1963 California plates, transferable to CA buyer
  • The underside and suspension components are powder coated and California clean


The interior is all in proper Code 430 green. This is a very dark green color (almost black in most lights) and is pleasant change from the commonly seen black.

  • Both seats upgraded to luxurious green leather (only vinyl was available in 1966)
  • Excellent green carpet with Corvette logo floor mats
  • Excellent, flawless dash pad
  • Color coordinated headliner and sun visors (early production smooth “fiberboard”)
  • Excellent replacement green door panels (Originals available)
  • Shiny new sill plates
  • Factory seat belts w/ proper GM buckles
  • All factory gauges operate
  • U69 AM/FM radio operates (owner states it could use some work)
  • Factory clock, converted to a quartz movement, operates and keeps correct time
  • N32 style teakwood steering wheel
  • A31 power windows; operate well
  • The vent wing windows both crank easily and seal positively
  • The engine compartment is highly detailed and in stock configuration


The appearance of the exterior is quite beautiful. The most critical inspection will note a few small paint chips on the rear edge of the driver’s door and some paint defects on the bottom edge of the driver’s side headlight cover. The latter defects are not visible unless you get down on your knees. All of the chrome, stainless steel trim, badging, and glass reflects the cars high level restoration effort. The side mount exhaust system adds considerable eye appeal. The knock-off wheels with Gold Line tires add a tasteful period-correct touch. This is truly a superior mid-year Corvette that you can proudly show at any Corvette or general car event and drive any distance with confidence.

The engine compartment is highly detailed and the underside of the car is immaculate, free of oil leaks and even the typical road grime and debris.


The car drives every bit as good as it looks. It starts easily, idles smoothly, shifts smartly, has a smooth clutch, tracks straight, and does not overheat. Steering is tight and easy with the power assist and the braking is positive with the 4-wheel power discs. The emergency brake is fully functional. The L79 coupled to this transmission and rear end is very lively; you wonder why anyone would want a costly big block the way this car drives. And the real plus, the factory air conditioning will let you enjoy all of this drivability even on hot days! On tours, you can smile at the other perspiring Corvette drivers attempting to cool down with open windows and tops down!


  • Clear California title with current California registration
  • California smog test not required for vehicles 1975 and older
  • Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
  • Soft, indoor car cover
  • Professionally appraised by the Auto Appraiser Network at $90,000+ (Report provided to serious prospective buyers)


Virtually all original parts that were removed and replaced during restoration are included with the sale of the car. However, these parts reside in the Los Angeles area and the packing and shipment will be the responsibility of the buyer. Included are:

  • 4 original date coded rally wheels
  • 4 driver quality hubcaps
  • Two Holley 4 barrel carbs (not original to car)
  • Original heater core (small leak)
  • 4 shocks
  • Heat shields and exhaust tips for original exhaust
  • One pint of Mosport Green paint
  • Miscellaneous belts and hoses
  • Original grille (pitted)
  • Rocker panel trim for original exhaust system
  • Original door panels dated 02/16/1966
  • Original front springs (car now has big block springs to lower it)
  • Original vinyl seat covers
  • Original gas tank (no leaks)
  • Original radiator expansion tank (dated)
  • Original valve covers (one cracked)
  • Several boxes of miscellaneous parts such as tail lights, etc.
  • Several boxes of cad-plated original bolts and screws
  • Fuel pumps, starters, etc.


  • Wheel base—98”
  • Length—175.3”
  • Width—69.6”
  • Height (coupe, loaded)—49.8”
  • Carburetor—Holley 4160 (600 cfm)
  • 4-speed close ratio gearing—2.2:1/1.64:1/1.28:1/1:1
  • Rear end ratio—3.70:1
  • Fuel capacity—20 gallons
  • Cooling system capacity—19 quarts w/ heater


The second generation Chevrolet Corvette termed a C2 and known as a Sting Ray, is a sports car produced by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors for the 1963-1967 model years. This generation has become the most desirable of all Corvette generations to date, and are termed “mid-year” (mid 60’s) Corvettes.

The C2 was designed by Larry Shinoda under the direction of GM chief stylist Bill Mitchell. Inspiration was drawn from several sources: the contemporary Jaguar E-Type, the radical Stingray Racer Mitchell designed in 1959, and a Mako shark Mitchell caught while deep-sea fishing. For the first time in the Corvette’s history, wind tunnel testing of 3/8 scale models helped refine the final shape. Zora Arkus-Duntov led the development of an entirely new chassis for the C2, including independent rear suspension. In 1963, all engines were 327 cu. in. with varied carburetion or fuel injection. Either a 3 or 4 speed manual or a Powerglide automatic transmission was available. The C2 was available as either a coupe or a convertible (roadster). The first year 1963 model proved a hit, with production about 50% more than 1962. The 1963 coupe, with a unique split rear window, has become a highly desired classic.

The 1966 model styling was quite similar to the previous 1965 model, primarily because Chevrolet expected to debut a new Corvette design for 1967. However, that debut was delayed until 1968. The 1966 model’s frontal appearance was mildly altered with an egg crate cast grille insert to replace the previous horizontal bars. Roof vents, which had been both functional and non-functional in previous mid-year coupes, were deleted. Corvettes also received a script emblem in the corner of the hood for 1966. Head rests were a new option. Backup lights, incorporated into the inboard taillight housings, became standard. For the first time, a 427 cu. in. engine was available in addition to the base 327 cu. in. block. Fuel injection was dropped; all engines were carbureted. Model year 1966 would prove another record-busting year, with volume rising to 27,720 units