1965 Ford Falcon Sprint -Sold


VIN: 5H17C141322
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: White
Engine: 289c.i
Transmission: Automatic
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10494
Mileage: 34,922
Features: Original California Car, Well Documented History, Dealer Added A/C, P/S - Rare Sprint

1965 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint

Lifelong California Car with 2 Owners for ~35 Years!

Comprehensive Documentation & Log Book Recording Maintenance & Repairs

One of 2,806 “Sprints” in 1965 – “Factory” (Dealer Add) A/C, P/S, Factory AM Radio


In recent years, budget minded, astute Ford enthusiasts have begun to reconize the Ford Falcon, especially its sporting sibling, the Falcon Futura Sprint, for what it actually is: a small but comfortable, light weight, V8 powered Coupe.  For years, our friends on the “other side of the pond” have road raced Falcon’s appreciating that the drive-line fitted to the 1964 and later cars is virtually idential to that found in the conisderably more costly Ford Mustang.  Yet, when it comes to rarity, there is no comparison between the Mustang and the Falcon Sprint.   According to the FCA (Falcon Club of America), only 2,806 Sprint hardtops were manufactured in 1965 making them difficult to find, especially with the history and in the condition of this example.  It’s no surprise that many Ford aficianados consider the “Sprint” a compact muscle car.

For the first time, the Ford Futura was fitted with a 289 cubic inch engine mated to the Cruise-O-Matic transmission.  The engine provided more than ample power for the car and while small and sporty offered a comfortable ride and adequate room for additional passengers when needed.  The 1965 Futura Sprint offered bucket seats and a console, special door panels, a sport steering wheel and a variety of options, including: A/C (dealer installed), power steering, power brakes, a radio, tinted glass, a padded dahs and visor, and seat belts.

For over 25 years, Classic Cars Ltd. has proudly represented a wide range of cars with an interesting, lifelong California history.  This “Sprint” is no exception and represents an honest, unmodified example that was recently owned by elderly owners for  over ~35 years.  In addition to volumes of hard copy receipts, some dating back as far as 1984, a small red “Notebook” records the history of the cars repairs from 8/83 as outlined by a previous owner in Bakersfield, CA.  The logbook details minor and major repair/maintenance items ranging from simple oil changes to a complete transmission rebuild.  Additionally, the mileage on the car was recorded at each entry and, according to the owners estate and a review of the hard copy receipts, documents the car as having accumulated 134,xxx miles over the course of its 53 year life in California.  While it is impractical to go through the large volume of receipts and report each oil change, light replacement, general service and other regular, ongoing maintenance, the following offers an insight relative to noteworthy items and historical documents included with the car:

  • 79,500 Miles – “new alternator & voltage regulator”
  • 83,200 – “Rewired steering column”
  • 83,800 – “New transmission”
  • 89,800 Miles – “New paint & upholstery”
  • 90,280 Miles – “New brakes all around & ball joints”
  • 96,600 Miles – “New engine, blueprinted and balanced”
  • 100,300 Miles – “New leaf springs”
  • 107,170 Miles – “New water pump”
  • 119,166 Miles – “Alignment & new ball joints”
  • 124,333 Miles – “New front springs, new control arm links, front brakes”
  • 128,317 Miles – “New transmission & rear end”
  • 128,747 Miles – “Remove & replace both heads for valve job”
  • 132,406 Miles – “Complete oil service”  NOTE: List above does not include ongoing frequent maintenance including regular oil changes, tires, etc.  
  • 134,900 Miles (within 100 miles) – 4 new tires, oil service, complete safety inspection

Documents included with the Sprint include:

  • Little red notebook documenting above repairs by long-time owner
  • Hard copy receipts 1984 to present (refer to photos on Website)
  • Previous owner registration slip (Note: documents “Date First Sold 1965 indicating car was originally delivered/registered in California)
  • Original wicker basket long-term that long-time owner stored receipts and information
  • Copy of Falcon dealer brochure
  • Falcon parts catalogs
  • Articles – Ford Falcon & Sprint
  • Factory jack & spare

This Falcon Sprint represents a well-documented example that has “survived” for over 53 years and been very well cared for by a limited number of California owners.  Having lived in California since new, the body is extremely solid and shows no signs of rust through or rot.  In fact, the exterior shows absolutely no rust in sometime vulnerable areas including the rocker panels, lower rear and front fenders, and front & rear windshield areas. The car was repainted in its original color scheme several years ago, but the Sprint was always garaged by its elderly owner so it retains a high gloss and there is no indication of any partial repainting since the “complete” re-spray.  Perhaps most important, we see no indication nor is there any report from the previous owner of accident damage.

The body is very straight with excellent panel fit and doors, hood, and trunk that close solidly.   All of the glass is very good as is the surrounding chrome trim with windows and vent windows operating properly.  The car retains virtually all of its original exterior stainless steel trim and emblems all of which are in good condition.  The remaining bright-work including stainless trim, chrome bumpers, door handles and mirrors reflect what we often refer to as “California quality” condition, free from the pitting and rusting often seem on cars that have spent time in inclement weather.  The car sports wire wheel hubcaps, one of which is missing a center emblem and tires are new having been replaced in the last 100 miles with period style whitewalls.

The Falcon’s interior was upgraded and is a striking contrast to the red exterior.  The white seats (front & rear) are in very good condition and retain the Falcon “crests” on the seats.  A center console has been added as have front and rear seat belts for safety.  The headliner and visors are free from any damage and the car has functional interior light.  The factory dash, gauges, trim and steering wheel all appear to be original and while they show some signs of age are in overall presentable condition for a vehicle of this vintage (refer to detailed photos).  The door panels show some signs of wear that can be seen in the photos and the carpet, while free from damage could benefit from a cleaning.  Gray mats cover the front and rear of the carpeted areas.  The windshield wipers, lights, and original AM radio, and horn are fully functional and the car recently passed the required California safety inspection.

Mechanically the car runs and drives well due, in part, to the maintnenance that it has received over the years coupled with an engine and transmission rebuild.  It starts immediately, shifts properly, has good power,  and does not smoke, or leak excessive fluids.  The transmission does not slip and there are no unusual noises in the engine or drive-line.  The Falcon stops straight, does not have excessive play in the steering and is very easy to drive / park due to the factory power steering. The braking system was recently inspected and the car stops straight, has power steering that makes it easy to drive and park.  The car is fitted with factory (dealer added) air conditioning that has not been used in sometime.  The blower on the A/C unit works and the compressor spins freely although no effort has been made to charge the system or make it operational.

The engine compartment is extremely clean and retains a stock appearance.  The trunk shows the normal patina and some missing paint under the mat but no rust through or damage to the rear end of the car.  The trunk is fitted with the factory spare, jack and lug wrench in addition to the trunk mat, all of which can be seen in the photos.  The floors and underside of the car are original, solid and unrestored.  A dual exhaust system has been added that sports chrome tips.

The Ford Sprint represents an increasingly difficult to find example of a well-documented, original California car “of interest” that is fun to drive, has excellent parts availability, can be used for family outings, and most important, is affordable.

Classic Cars Ltd.