1966 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible


Exterior Color: Sea Blue
Interior Color: Light Graphite
Engine: 1600cc 4 Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Status: SOLD- California
Mileage: TMU
Features: Recent Restoration of a California Car

This VW has reportedly been a lifetime California car, and based on its structural condition and lack of rust, we have every reason to believe that that representation is accurate.  The majority of the cosmetic and mechanical upgrades, that are significant, were performed by the owner during their ownership between 2013 -2020.

Beginning with a straight California car, the Beetle received a comprehensive re-spray in late 2012 and has been garage kept when not in use since that time.  At the time of the repaint, the car received a two stage re-spray including door jambs, and the underside of the front and rear deck lids.  All rubber and other trim was freshened or replaced while the car was disassembled.  The receipt reflects no significant body damage or need for repairs but the VW received hand and machine sanding and removal of all moldings and emblems in preparation for repainting.

Since the repaint, the VW has been used as a weekend car and has not been exposed to the elements.  The undercarriage and suspension components support the cars condition and use.    .  It has lived in California its entire life and was chosen as an excellent candidate for a comprehensive restoration candidate as a result of its extremely straight body, and original panels.    Unlike cars from inclement weather regions that have significant rust, restoring an example with excellent “bones” results in a considerably better finished product.  This 1966 VW is certainly evidence of this philosophy

In late 2015 (documented by receipt) the VW received a completely new interior in light Graphite with Ivory piping, original square weave grey carpet, grey convertible top, rubber floor mats and new convertible pad, cables and associated parts.`

While the car would have been fitted with a One of realities of the earlier beetles was the lack of power from the 1200 cc engine.  This issue has been addressed by replacing the engine with a completely rebuilt 1600 cc engine date coded as a 1970 VW, with an estimated 3,000 miles.  Receipts documents a rebuilt engine due to the original engine having a cracked case.  A the time of the engine replacement, considerable additional mechanical work was completed including, but not limited to: new clutch and all related components, new carburetor and manifold, complete tune-up and valve adjustment, oil service, replacement of front end ball joints, new tie rod ends, new starter, new 2 ¼” whitewall tires, replacement wheels, brake work as needed, new starter,  replace heater box tin, air cleaner assembly and dog house front tin and exit tin. All engine seals and gaskets were changed.

Within the past ~400 miles the VW received an oil service, new valve cover gaskets, tune-up including new plugs, rotor, points, fuel filter and oil sump gasket.    New l & r wheel bearing changed & new axle boots installed.

The file documents the professional rebuild of the engine that makes the car a pleasure to drive without having a negative effect on the original appearance and charm of the VW.


Excellent uniform paint with no indication of partial panel re-painting since restored / complete paint (inside and out including engine bay, front trunk area, dash, and all interior panels)

  • Originally configured with no modifications to the body, bumpers, fenders, hood, or deck lid
  • Excellent attention to detail with new body hardware, like new inner fenders, floor pans, inner door jambs, etc.
  • Excellent German fit of body panels to factory specifications
  • Both doors and both front and rear compartments open/close smartly
  • Beautiful California example with solid chassis and body
  • Excellent front and rear bumpers
  • Damage free glass all around with original glass retained
  • Windows operate properly including vent windows
  • Driver’s side outside rear view mirror
  • Radio antenna on front left side fender area
  • All stock exterior trim, stainless steel and chrome accents


  • All interior panels replaced when car was totally disassembled
  • Custom interior to stock specifications in beautiful original VW color of Deep Sea Blue
  • All matching front and rear door panels
  • Rich looking newer top in color coordinated grey
  • Excellent dash with functional gauges, original radio & switches / knobs
  • Factory sun visors in like new condition
  • Replaced weatherstrip on doors
  • New factory style carpet in color coordinated grey
  • Color coordinated seat belts (Front & Back)
  • Excellent dashboard (car totally disassembled and all interior panels painted when complete and total re-spray was completed)
  • Clear, functional gauges
  • Beautiful restored steering wheel / white
  • Original factory AM radio (not functional)
  • No aftermarket speakers
  • Original “perforated vinyl” material in rear area behind the seat
  • Immaculate front compartment
  • Restored spare wheel & matching tire
  • New trunk liner


  • 6 liter flat 4 cylinder (rebuilt less than 3,000 miles ago)
  • 4-speed manual transmission


The VW brings back wonderful memories of one of our first car, a 1966 VW Beetle. The car is great fun to drive and is totally reliable, fuel efficient, and receives admiring glances from the large number of previous owner’ that enjoyed Beetle ownership in years past.

The car starts immediately and all of the operating systems are completely functional.  It shifts well through all of the gears, the clutch engages properly and without slippage, and the brakes stop the car straight and sure.  The emergency brake is properly adjusted. The steering is tight and precise and the car is free from wind noise due to the replacement of virtually all of the rubber seals when the car was restored.  All of the lighting systems are functional.

The VW represents a properly restored car that can be enjoyed as a very high end “driver”, or an occasional use car.  If taken to a local show, the car will undoubtedly garner considerable attention from admiring fans along with the possibility of recognition from show judges.


 Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.

  • Due to its age, the VW is smog exempt.


  • Length:                   160.6”
  • Wheelbase:              94.5”
  • Width:                      60.6”
  • Height:                      59.1”
  • Ground clearance:    6.0”
  • Turning circle:        34.4’
  • Weight:              1,672 lb.
  • Engine:              1600 cc
  • Transmission:  4 speed manual transmission
  • Fuel capacity:   10.6 gal



The Volkswagen Beetle, officially the Volkswagen Type 1, or informally in the US the Volkswagen Bug, is a two-door, four passenger, rear-engined economy car manufactured and marketed by German automaker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003. Volkswagen means literally, “people’s car” in German.

The need for this kind of car and its functional objectives were formulated by Adolf Hitler, desiring an inexpensive, simple car to be mass-produced for the new German road network. He contracted Porsche in 1934 to design and build it to his exacting standards. Ferdinand Porsche and his team took until 1938 to finalize it, although the design was based entirely on the work of Béla Barényi, who completed the design in 1925. This is one of the first rear-engined cars. With over 24 million manufactured in an air-cooled, rear-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform worldwide.