1967 MGB Roadster (SOLD)


VIN: GHN34133931G
Exterior Color: Primrose Yellow
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 1800cc 4 Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed w/ Overdrive
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10533
Features: Rebuilt engine, aluminum head, 4-speed & overdrive.

1967 MGB 4-Speed w/ Overdrive- “California Clean”


 Factory Correct Primrose Yellow / Black Interior, Top & Boot

A Solid Example with Strong Mechanical Components – A Light Project with Considerable Potential!


NOTE: Our listings are rather lengthy.  They not only describe this particular car but also some history of the make/model, considerations in buying a classic car and facts about our firm. However, we continually hear from out of state / out of country buyers (many of our clients) that they prefer the level of detail that we provide.  However, if you are not prepared to read the full listing, please read the OVERVIEW below along with the PHOTOGRAPHS at the bottom.  If you’d prefer, please call us at 925-846-1451 and we’ll gladly discuss the MGB and answer any questions over the telephone, including our “Buy it Now” policy. Yes, the MGB can be purchased prior to the end of the eBay auction.


Many of our customers believe that we at Classic Cars Ltd. deal exclusively with restored or higher valued collector vehicles.  This unique MGB demonstrates that we realize that some of our clients have an interest in solid California cars that can be restored or even driven while work is performed while they enjoy the car.  This MGB will be of interest to out of state / country buyers who seek a very solid straight and largely complete car that has had the benefit of some mechanical and cosmetic improvements.  We purchased the MGB from a local owner who owned the car for over 15 years.  As a long time collector of European sports cars he recently lost his storage facility and the MGB and a few other cars needed a new home.  We acquired the car and are offering it as a “light project” to an enthusiast who has an interest and ability to bring the car to a higher level.  The “B’ runs and drives very well, has a strong upgraded engine and 4-speed transmission with desirable overdrive transmission that is functional.   With attention to a number of relatively small items, the car will make a wonderful occasional driver for the British enthusiast.

As a 1967 MGB, the car represents what is arguably the “Best of the Best” when it comes to MG’s of the 1960’s.  The car was fitted with a 5 main bearing engine, upgraded “Shelby” alloy wheels, optional heater and the desirable “metal dash” with traditional toggle switches.  It is also the last year prior to the need to comply with various state and federal safety and smog requirements.

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Classic Cars Ltd.

Pleasanton, CA



– Strong 1.8 L 4 cylinder engine w/ dual SU carburetors

– 4 speed manual transmission

– Functional Overdrive Transmission

– Upgraded aluminum Shelby wheels

– Factory correct Pale Primrose Paint color

– Recently upgraded interior including reupholstered seats & door panels / carpet & dash in nice condition

– Top convertible bows included

– Correct rear boot “bow” included (Not under boot cover when photos were taken)

– MGB owner’s manual included


The MGB starts immediately and idles smoothly, once it is warmed up.  The “B” runs and drives well with a rebuilt engine that has performance modifications.  The long-time owner reports that the car received the benefit of an aluminum head, balancing and blue printing and the addition of a high performance camshaft.  The engine is strong and does not exhibit any issues.  There is no smoke, excessive leaking (other than what we find to be normal “seeping” characteristic of this vintage British car), or unusual noise from the engine.  The MGB has very good power through all of the gears.

The front suspension has received a rebuilt over the years with the bushings supporting replacement of front end components.  The brakes do not pull, stop the car well and the emergency brake is properly adjusted.  Tires, slightly larger than stock size (195/70/14”) show even wear and are mounted to Shelby alloy wheels. Despite the larger size, they do not rub and, in our opinion, enhance the appearance of the “B” by filling up the wheel wells.

This is also true of the transmission and drive-line components.  The transmission shifts normally and is fitted with the desirable 4-speed overdrive transmission.  The underside is solid with no rust through on the chassis but the normal patina from age.  The floor pans have been replaced, reportedly at the time the interior was refurbished including new carpets, door panels, etc.  The photos reflect a relatively clean underside that remains free from significant accumulation of grease and oil.

The MGB shows odometer shows 89,155. We are listing the mileage as “TMU” (Total Miles Unknown) as a result of the cars age and inability to accurately verify the mileage on a vehicle that is 50+ years old.

While the car runs and drives quite well and looks great, it is clearly in the project category and we recommend that someone who is either experienced with collector car repairs or is willing to invest in the car prior to all around use. Many of the needs are associated with issues related to the function of gauges and lighting systems.  While some of the items are sporadic, we encourage a complete evaluation of the cars electrical system for safety reasons or, the car could be used as an “off road” car (race car), as is, with some improvements/upgrades.  The following represents a partial list of items that we have noticed, there may be others.

– Overdrive engages well in 3rd & 4th as designed

– Car starts and runs/drives well, charging system functional

– Oil pressure and fuel gauge function (Excellent warm oil pressure reads ~70lbs!)

– Speedometer and tach not working (extra speedo in trunk)

– Ammeter gauge appears to work and register properly (center gauge in 3 pod chrome holder not mounted or wired)

– A few missing dash knobs / switches (refer to photos)

– Horn(s) work with button mounted under dash, not from center horn button with MG logo

– Steering wheel recently “broke” (top potion of wheel is cracked)

– Lights were working but now parking lights come on, not lights (switch?)

– Unknown condition of heater, blower motor and radio) – Note: speakers mounted in rear deck behind seat (see photos) but wiring removed

– Cardboard glove box container is in trunk, not mounted

A few other “nice to have” improvements could include a piece of carpet for the shelf behind the front seats, a jack & lug wrench (easily sourced), and a few other odds and ends.

As the list suggests, many of the issues are related to electrical related items and may be easily resolved by someone who is familiar with wiring and/or British cars.  That said, the car has a lovely interior, good dash, straight body, solid undercarriage, and good major mechanical components.  The winter months are here and this would make a perfect project to work on during the cold, rainy/snowy season and prepare for Spring!


–              Engine: 1.8 L, 4 cylinder in-line, single cam, 2 valves per cylinder, pushrod / front mounted

–              Carburetion: dual SU HS-4

–              Power: 89 hp @ 5,400 rpm

–              Torque: 110 lb-ft. @ 3,000 rpm

–              Transmission: manual 4 speed, synchromesh top 3 gears & Overdrive in 3rd & 4th

–              Drive: rear wheel

–              Brakes: front-10.75″ discs, rear-10″ drums

–              Weight:           1984 lb.

–              Length:             153.5 inches

–              Width:                 60.2 inches

–              Height:                49.6 inches

–              Wheelbase:         91.3 inches

–              Ground clearance 4.2 inches

–              Turning circle 32 feet


When the MGB was introduced in 1962, it was a two-seat open roadster with squared-off styling in the MG Midget mold. It had a pancake-style rear hinged hood, full width grille, scalloped recesses for the headlights in the tops of the front fenders, a separate trunk with a hinged lid, and canted rear lights in the ends of the rear fenders. The windshield was curved, there was a removable soft-top, and the doors had roll-up windows with hinged vent windows.

The MGB was actually a bit shorter than the MGA, but the design was such that MG had managed to make the cockpit roomier which allowed larger, more comfortable seats to be added. Both the driver and passenger had bucket seats, and full instrumentation was provided.

A year later in 1963, among the options offered for the MGB were an overdrive for the transmission, center hub mounted wire wheels, and a folding soft-top that could be stowed behind the seats. In 1964 a new bottom-end for the engine, derived from the BMC 1800, was fitted.

In the tradition of the earlier MG sports cars, the MGA had been built with a separate chassis to provide support and strength to the car and to carry all the mechanical components and the body. By the end of the 1950’s however, methods of car construction had progressed, and the days of the separate chassis were almost over. Unitary construction was now the name of the game, whereby a cleverly designed body shell constructed from a number of metal panels with a reinforced floor pan, provided mountings for all the mechanical components and absorbed all the loads from the suspension etc. The advantage of this type of construction was that it produced a much lighter car, which has obvious performance benefits for a sports car.

Hence, the MGB was to be built of unitary construction. At the front, the front panel, the inner fender panels and firewall formed one box; in the midsection, the firewall, cockpit floor and cowl formed another; while at the rear, the inner fenders, trunk floor, and rear panels formed another. Box section strengthening pieces were added to the floor to stiffen it and provide mountings for the rear suspension, while additional box sections ran along the bottoms of the front inner fenders for the engine and suspension mountings.

The front suspension and steering were much like the MGA, although there were minor differences. At the rear were the familiar semi-elliptic springs controlled by lever-arm shocks. The engine and transmission were also MGA sourced, but again in an improved state.

Many sports car enthusiasts believe that MGB’s epitomize the classic British sports car.  By the mid-1960’s the MGB had very nice performance, handling and was comfortable for longer journey’s (unlike the earlier MGTD’s, “TC’S”, etc.).  1967 is a “target year” for most buyers since this year was the last of the “steel dash” cars and before the addition of EPA and other government mandates that negatively affected performance and appearance.  Also, these cars are not only great fun to drive and economical to operate, they get great mileage.  The MGB represents a fuel efficient solution to a fun, affordable and practical sports car.

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