1969 Lotus Elan +2 -Sold


VIN: 501359
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 1.6 Liter Twin Cam
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Status: Sold
Mileage: 46,921
Features: Completely rebuilt engine including conversion to Weber side draft carburetors, recent high quality paint / excellent body. Documented with extensive receitps.

1969 Lotus Elan +2 – Type 50

Long-term California Ownership – Extensive Documented Professional Maintenance

Rebuilt Weber Head Twin Cam <10K Miles / Recent Quality, Complete Paint & Body $20,000+ Invested During the Past 10,000 Miles


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This 1969 Lotus Elan +2 is finished in Carnival Red with black interior and has a documented history of ownership in California for over 20 years.  The Elan is #50 of 1,359 Elan +2’s.The Lotus remains in stock configuration and is fitted with the reliable factory 1558cc twin-cam in-line 4 cylinder mated to the delightful 4-speed Elan gearbox.  The Elan has benefited from ongoing documented maintenance by local, Bay area Lotus and exotic car specialists and includes considerable maintenance history, a factory repair manual, parts manual, factory original knock off alloy wheels, take-offs and miscellaneous spare parts, and a clear current California and registration.

Major receipts document significant frequent an ongoing repairs and maintenance.  At 38,071 miles ago (8,644 miles ago based on current odometer reading) the Elan received an extensive engine rebuild at a cost of $9,397.18 along with other repairs, by a respected Bay area repair facility.  During a previous major service, the Elan received the benefit of a conversation to twin Weber 40 DCOE side-draft carburetors.  A proper air box was also installed along with a complete tune-up.  In mid-late 2018, within a few hundred miles, the car received an additional ~$7,500.00 in work including a replacement flywheel ring gear, major service, radiator replacement, all new fluids (including transmission, rear end, coolant and oil), power window repairs, complete suspension inspection, new tires, and much more (detailed later in this listing).

The extensive receipts reflect long time ownership by a limited number of owners, including possession of the car for over 10 years by a recent owner.  The file supports minor and major service by respected specialists, including well-known and respected Bay area Lotus specialist Kampena Motors and the comprehensive engine rebuild by Dino Motors.

Additional details of the cars repair history based using repair invoice mileage readings is as follows:  Note: due to the significant volume of maintenance and preventive maintenance receipts, only larger, more significant repairs are listed.

<500 Miles

  • New oil pressure sending unit
  • Steering column bushings replaced
  • Brakes bled, system checked (car fitted with stainless steel brake lines)
  • Fuel tank drained / fuel sending unit replaced
  • New speedometer cable installed
  • Remove door panels and repair window operation (both sides)
  • Install new shift pin to affix to shifter base
  • New tires (4)
  • New ring gear / replace fly wheel
  • Re-core radiator / replace hoses / new coolant
  • Oil & filter
  • Change transmission fluid
  • Tune-Up & new plug wires
  • New fuel pump
  • Replace distributor

<10,000 Miles

  • Complete re-paint & body work as needed
  • New exterior badge & lenses
  • Complete engine rebuild (lower end & head) & subsequent head re-torque, adjust valves & set timing, adjust carburetors, oil service
  • Water pump kit
  • New clutch & related components
  • Seal transmission
  • New transmission mount
  • New alternator
  • New jetting for Weber carbs
  • Replacement ½ shaft
  • New Kangol seat belt buckles
  • Replaced roto-flex couplings
  • Multiple oil changes, carburetor adjustments and general maintenance

Paint and body work were completed by Automotive Enterprises, San Carlos, CA.  Specializing in fiberglass repairs and high quality for over 45 years, Automotive Enterprises has had considerable experience with Lotus and other fiberglass and composite cars. The Lotus was brought down to bare fiberglass and properly prepared for a high quality re-spray.  To ensure high quality, the car was brought down to bare fiberglass, blocked multiple times, properly primed and trim removed prior to the re-paint.  The hood, doors and trunk were properly aligned and certain panels received reinforcing as required.  The front and rear windows were removed, as was the trim.  Lower areas (rocker panels and front and rear lower valances) were finished in a rough protective coating and painted body color to minimize rock chips and road rash.

According to Automotive Enterprises, the work was finalized 2-3 years ago at an estimated cost of $15-$20K.  The paint and body remain in very good condition as the Lotus has seen minimal use since the work was completed.  The paint was completed to a high level and no partial re-painting has occurred since the complete cosmetic exterior restoration (including painting of door jambs, under hood, and trunk areas with trim removed).  There is a minor paint imperfection on the left front headlight in the form of a very thin paint crack measuring approximately 2.5.”Overall, the paint is excellent and well represented in the photos.  Any minor imperfections require close, critical inspection to be noticed and in no way detract from the appearance of the Lotus.

The body is in equally good condition and importantly, free from the characteristic crazing/cracking seen around the trunk hinges, hood, rear body, and other parts of the Elan.  There is no body damage, with straight bumpers that are properly aligned.  Door gaps, trunk, and hood gaps are good and were improved when the extensive body and paint work was completed within the past few years.  The bright-work surrounding the windows, door handles, lower rocker panels, gas cap, and emblems. Windows are free from cracks and damage and the power windows are fully functional.  The often problematic headlight buckets have been sorted, and open and close properly and without a “helping hand.”

The interior is in stock configuration with seats that are in good condition, free from rips and tears and in the original material.  The front seat belts have had the benefit of replacement Kangol seat belt buckles.  The back seating area has been redone and the seats are in good condition, including a pair of rear lap belts.  The headliner is excellent. Carpet appears to be original as do the door panels and while both show patina from age, they are in good condition due to the limited usage of the Lotus.

The dashboard appears to be original to the car and is also in good condition with the typical crazing seen on a Lotus of this vintage.  Speedometer and tachometer are functional as are the other gauges with the exception of the oil temperature gauge.  The oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauges display normal readings.

The Elan runs and drives well, indicative of the ongoing, recent, significant repairs that it has received under the care of long term owners.  In typical Lotus fashion, the twin-cam Weber head engine provides nice power from a manufacturer known for producing cars with an excellent power to weight ratio.  The gauges support the cars mechanical condition with good oil pressure, water temperature well within limits even on warm California days, and a fully functional charging system.  The steering is light and precise, and the handling a delight.  Tires are new within a few hundred miles and mounted on attractive, factory knock-off alloy wheels.


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