1972 Ford Bronco


VIN: U15GLP12486
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 302c.i. / V8
Transmission: 3 Speed Manual
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10464
Mileage: 287

1972 Ford Bronco Absolutely Striking, Restored & “Uncut”

Completely Rebuilt 302c.i & Other Significant Improvements <300 Miles

A Well Sorted, Beautiful, & Desirable First Generation Bronco


This particular Bronco was restored by the previous owner and recently received the benefit of a comprehensive mechanical restoration. Within the past few years, the Bronco was treated to a complete cosmetic re-freshening including the interior, exterior, and virtually all of the rubber, other trim, emblems, and too much to list. The Bronco is not only a beautiful example, but runs and drives very well as a result of a fresh 320.ci.with less than 300 miles and considerable additional work / upgrades.As a classic first generation Bronco, since the restoration, it has not seen “heavy use”, but has been used strictly as a weekend limited use vehicle, and was never taken off road, abused, or mistreated. It is a great vehicle for any number of uses including use at a second residence in the mountains, beach, or as a weekend get-away classic. The Bronco has a wide range of possible uses in its current condition and could also be further enhanced (modified) should the new owner choose to go that route. It is our opinion that the modifications that have been performed represent the ideal upgrades to suspension and drive-line and, most important, the body has not been “cut” to accommodate excessively large wheels & tires or radical suspension changes. The Bronco is a very nice, unique example, and certainly a candidate for an award in the ‽Driver Show Class.”


Recently, working closely with the Bronco’s owner, a local, professional repair facility that specializes in the repair and restoration of special interest vehicles of the 1960’s-1970’s completed significant improvements to the Bronco. The Bronco now represents a wonderful blend of originality while taking some liberties to change mechanical items that affect drivability, add some “creature comforts”, and improve the safety of the Bronco. Also, attention was paid to small details since, often times, it is the level of detail that separates an amateur restoration from a professional one and adds significantly to the long-term value, and collectability of the finished product.Specifically, the following represents a summary of the most recent investment of over $12,000.00 (documented by receipts that will be provided to the new owner), all completed within 300 miles. It is important to note that that this does not include the significant investment in the cosmetic restoration of the Bronco.

Highlights include:

– Uncut steel body

– Replacement of 302c.i. long block including considerable new components listed below

– New carburetor

– New fuel tank and sending unit

– Fuel lines and brake lines

– New spark plugs and spark plug wires

– New water pump

– New radiator

– New starter

– All new fluids (oil, anti-freeze, filters)

– Air filter

– New “Bronco” aluminum valve covers

– New engine gaskets

– Custom side exit exhaust

– New sensors

– 3 speed transmission converted to floor shift

– Hurst 3 speed short shifter

– Sealed transmission, transfer case, motor and axles

– Dana 20 transfer case

– Dana 44 front axle

– Ford 9 inch rear axle

– New Drive-shafts

– New 4 Bilstein shocks

– 3.5” lift kit from wild horses

– Brake rotors and pads on all 4 corners

– New brake booster

– New body mounts

– New front steering rods and links

– Motor and transmission mounts

– Virtually all new hardware

PAINT & BODY WORK / INTERIOR- Complete re-paint inside and out in a similar color to Ford “Grabber Blue”- New front seats

– New seat belts

– Custom door panels covered in suede

– Custom bed panels covered in suede

– Custom roll cage throughout

– All new inside handles

– New window felts

– New mirrors

– All new lenses and lights

– Rhino line in bed

– New all lenses and lights

– All new weather stripping

– New wiper motor and wipers

As with all restorations, they can get very costly and this example is no exception. In order to keep family harmony we will not release the total estimated amount spent on this restoration. We can say, however, based on personal knowledge, that this vehicle is very fairly priced and being offered at a fraction of the cost to restore/construct the Bronco. And, this does not take into account the months that the new owner would need to wait while a Bronco was being restored.

Additional information by “category” is as follows:


The body is finished in the striking color combination ‽Grabber Blue” with black seats (including a rear seat) and high end suede side door panel’s front and rear. The dash has received the benefit of stainless steel trim with a factory primary gauge that reflects the mileage since the significant mechanical upgrades were completed (less than 300 hundred miles ago).

The body of the Bronco remains “uncut”, original, and free from any signs of rust or rot.

The Bronco was painted with all of the panels and trim removed (shell and separate components painted) and virtually all of the components were removed and received the benefit of replacement, restoration, or NOS (New Old Stock) components. The door jambs, engine bay, trunk area and dash all received professional repainting with no partial repainting since the restoration. The paint is well done and shows well. Any minor imperfections or flaws do not detract from the overall appearance and desirability of this restored 1972 Ford Bronco. We ask that you carefully review the photos as this Bronco is a good example of the old adage ‽A photo is worth a thousand words.”

Body panels appear factory original, and everything lines up reasonably well for a 1972 Bronco that, well, was never constructed by the factory to exacting standards like today’s vehicles. However, the doors, hood and rear tail gate close well, seal tightly and have a very nice appearance. Also, the all new door seals, window felts and other trim make for tight seals and a great appearance. Perhaps most important, this Bronco is free from significant rust on the body and the undercarriage, suspension and drive-line components show very well.


The interior on the Bronco presents extremely well. With new seats, suede door panels, a complete roll cage, and update dash.   The Bronco has accumulated minimal miles since being complete and has never been used off road used or been abused in any way by its mature owner/driver.

The following is a summary of some of the work that has been completed in the restoration of the interior of the Bronco (receipts provided to documents most all of the work:


As with the cosmetic restoration, the mechanical work was completed to a high standard. While the Bronco was totally disassembled for paint and bodywork, it also received virtually everything that it needed from a mechanical perspective. The Bronco has received considerable mechanical attention and all of the component parts have been restored and rebuilt. The car was inspected within the past weeks and found to be strong in every regard. This includes; the engine, transmission, transfer case, 4-wheel drive, and other major mechanical components including brakes, steering, suspension, and electrical system.Receipts document much of the recent work. Unlike the disposable parts used on today’s cars, the work that has been done on the Bronco was completed to keep the car as original as possible by rebuilding original components and using quality items in the rebuild. There is no noise in the drive-line, no transmission slippage, or rear end noise. Due to the recent repairs, there is no significant leaking from the cooling system, engine, transmission or transfer case. The brakes are excellent reflecting the recent rebuild and the Bronco stops straight and sure. The emergency brake is properly adjusted and functional.

All of the fluids have just been refreshed, brakes changed, and any mechanical issues addressed. The safety inspection, required by the State of California, was completed within the previous 100 miles.


The Bronco runs and drives very well and reflects the extensive work that has been completed on the car during the previous several years. It is not only a very solid example, but also has excellent performance as a result of the 302 c.i. V8 engine that offers very good performance and torque.

The Bronco car has been driven in our small town of Pleasanton, just outside of San Francisco Bay, under all weather conditions including temperatures above 100 degrees. The Bronco runs cool, and has never shown signs of over-heating does not leak excessive fluids and starts immediately under all conditions, warm or cold. The 302 c.i. V8 emits a great, throaty sound. The transmission shifts perfectly and includes a full syncro 3 speed, now moved to the floor from its original column mounted position. The Bronco does not smoke, leak oil, or water.

We must admit that driving this car around town does require a certain amount of patience. Why? Well, everywhere you go, plan on spending time answering questions about the car, its history, and get used to comments like “Whoa, cool!”? We forget that considering the age of the car, some of the “younger folks” have never driven, or even seen the small, original and first of its type ‽SUV” Bronco.


From 1972 through 1996 Ford produced a stylish and popular SUV named the Bronco.

The Ford Bronco sat atop a small 92 inch wheelbase which made it suitable for off-road excursions. Its body, frame and suspension were all new and were not shared with any other vehicles. The brakes and axles were courtesy of the Ford F-100 trucks. The rear suspension had leaf springs in a Hotchkiss design. Coil springs were used which gave the Bronco an anti-dive geometry which came in handy during snowplowing. The front axle was connected by leading arms and a lateral track bar.

The design was simple with flat glass, no-frills bumpers, and a square body. The $2194 base price included front bucket seats and a rear bench seat. An auxiliary gas tank, snowplow, winch, tow bar, post hole digger, campers, overdrive units, and an array of tires and wheels were also available as options.

The idea for the Bronco was conceived by Donald N. Frey, Fords product manager and the same individual who had a big part in the creation of the Ford Mustang. Paul G. Axelrad was responsible for the design while Lee Iacocca played a part in getting the Bronco into production.

When introduced the Bronco was instantly popular and it took a few years for other manufacturers to catch up. By the close of the 1960’s Chevrolet had introduced their Blazer and Ford responded by adapting a larger and more powerful engine to the Bronco. The optional 289 cubic-inch V8 was capable of producing 200 horsepower. If that was not enough a 302 cubic-inch V8 became available that increased the horsepower to even higher levels.

By 1978 the first generation Bronco’s gave way to restyled and larger Bronco’s that were produced until 1997 when the Bronco was phased out and the Expedition was introduced.

The original 1st generation Bronco remains very popular and was, needless to say, a significantly differed vehicle the larger, later model “O.J. Bronco”!


Production 1972-1977 (1st Generation)

Body style: Compact “SUV”

Engines Options:

170 cu in (2.8 L) Straight-6

200 cu in (3.3 L) Straight-6

289 cu in (4.7 L) Windsor V8

302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8 (Fitted to this Bronco)

Wheelbase: 92”

Length: 151.5”

Width: 68.5”

Height: 71.6”