1973 BMW 2002t ii "Roundie"


VIN: 2761358
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 2.0 Liter 4 Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10449
Mileage: 86,755

Desirable “Roundie” 2002tii

One Owner for 45 Years – Purchased with 25 Miles & Lifelong Local Car

A Truly Exceptional, High End Example!

Exquisite Blend of Originality & Restoration with Minimal Subtle Improvements



This desirable LATE MODEL 1972 BMW 2002tii represents a truly exceptional example of a tii that was purchased new from now defunct Weber Motors, just 25 miles from our location.  The BMW was owned for one family for 45~ years, initially but Mr. B. and gifted t his son-in-law in 2001, 2 years prior to his death in 2003.  The cars history is documented in a letter from Mr. B’s daughter confirming its history, accurate mileage of 86,525, and other details of the cars history and features.

The car carries VIN number 2761358 and retains its original matching engine, transmission and many other original components. USA produced BMW 2002tii’s carried serial numbers of 2761358 (April/1971) to 2764522 (August, 1973). This “tii”  was produced in factory Verona red, code 024 and received a comprehensive, all trim removed (including all windows, bumpers, exterior trim) professional re-spray. The complete repaint included the entire trunk area, underside of the hood, door jambs, etc. While the car was repainted several years ago, the car was driven only a few thousand miles by its collector owner and spent most of its time in the garage next to other collectibles including a “Prancing Horse.”

When the car was acquired by the son-in-law, a Ferrari owner and sports car enthusiast, a number of improvements were completed along with subtle period style upgrades.  It is important to note that other than easily reversible changes (wheels, improved exhaust system, steering wheel, upgraded Bilstein shocks/springs, and front & rear struts) the objective was to keep the BMW in largely stock, factory configuration. The 2002tii retains its original engine, transmission, and many other factory original components.  Mechanically it is excellent mechanically, and received the required maintenance despite its minimal use to keep it in excellent running and cosmetic condition.

Within the previous 100~ miles, a new dash was fitted to the BMW including all new heater controls, dash cluster, wiring and heater vents.  A front factory windshield was installed at the time along with new rubber seals.  Additionally, the BMW benefited from new BMW style 13” TPS Alloy wheels & new Kuhmo.   The “tii” includes 4 recently restored original, matching # steel wheels and hubcaps, along with the factory mounted spare, tools, and jack (refer to photos).   Other work included rebuilding the clock, the addition of a new rear exhaust tip, and a variety of other items to bring the car into its current spectacular condition.

Underbody photos show the very original, solid condition of the drivetrain, suspension, and floors. It is essential to note that the BMW floors and chassis members remain free from any paintwork, or after production undercoating or painting.  There has been no attempt, or need, to cover up or prepare the original excellent underside and the photos reflect its clean, oil/grease free nature.  As BMW aficionados are aware, rust is a primary concern with 2002’s.  As an extremely limited use, always garaged, inland California car, this example is free from any signs of rust, rot or decay in the usual places including:  rear shock towers, front floor pan below the pedal box is another common rust spot, passenger and driver-side floor pan. The outer rocker panels are rock solid and there is no indication or report of previous repairs, rust, or filler.  The front fenders around the turn signal lamps and adjacent to the door gap, and the outer wheel well lip on the rear quarter panels are also immaculate. The spare tire well is totally dry and the entire rear trunk area (including the trunk underside and hood underside) were repainted when the car received a “complete”, professional re-paint.  This included removing all of the trim including front and rear glass, side windows, bumpers, belt-line mouldings, lights, and removal and replacement of all rubber and felts.

This car has been extremely well maintained including the addition of rebuilt Bilstein HD shocks, and fresh bushings throughout. A brake system overhaul included stainless hoses as well as new pads and rotors. The brake booster and calipers were rebuilt and new wheel bearings were installed by the seller.

The interior is immaculate and, with the exception of a tasteful Momo steering wheel, completely stock.  The entire interior presents as a car just a few years old including the exceptional original headliner, visors, and recently replaced entire dashboard and related items

The engine bay and trunk areas are equally clean and properly configured.  The spare tire well is totally free from signs of damage or rust.  The original tools, spare, and jack are included and in excellent condition.  We have photos of the original steel wheels that have been restored and could be installed for the cars new owner.

Those interested in an exceptional 2002tii are encouraged to call us to discuss the car as it is available prior to the end of the eBay auction.


We are the first to admit that we are not totally objective when it comes to the “Roundie” tii’s.”  We have loved these cars since “the day” and owned several when they were just a few years old. Apparently rising values suggest others agree that the 2002tii represents one of the classic sporting sedans of all time.

BMW won its reputation in the 1960s / 1970’s because they offered a wonder blend of comfortable, practicality, high “fun-to-drive” quotient, and were very fast when released in the late 60’s.  This is the combination that defined BMW and has resulted in a very loyal following ever since . As the 2002 developed into the 3-Series, it became highly respected but larger, more complicated and faster.  Some would argue that the original simplicity of the 2002 as a true sporting sedan was lost.  After all, it was the early BMW 2002 that first led Americans to turn their hymnals to verse 2002.

A recent drive in the BMW took us away from the office with the staff asking “Where in the heck did he go”.  Well, the answer has to do with our most recent arrival, a bright Verona red 2002tii that was parked in one of our reserved spots, just waiting to go for some exercise on a beautiful, sunny California day.

As we take our place behind the wheel, we are reminded of the excellent “greenhouse” vision provide by the “02.”  You sit relatively high and the narrow front and rear pillars provide unobstructed visibility in all directions.  A glance at the dash provides a reminder that the 2002 characterizes functional, German engineering at its best.  It is simple yet well designed, and purposeful.

Due to the maintenance that this car has received, the BMW comes to life immediately and idles without evenly, just below 1,00rpm.  The fuel injection is efficient and requires little warm up but we take a minute to look at the car and can’t help be impressed with our surroundings.  The interior is exceptional, totally free from damage with a perfect dash, clear gauges, and excellent carpet.  Once temperature need rises slightly, the idle settles down the car runs smoothly at just below 1,000 rpm.  The engine is free from any noises as is the entire drive-line.

The BMW offers excellent performance from its smooth-running engine. The clutch engages as designed and the shifting is characteristically short and firm, making the car a delight to drive.  The BMW is tight, free from rattles and squeaks, and surprisingly tight for a collector coupe that is over 45 years old.  The steering on this car is tight with virtually no play attributed in large part to the upgraded Bilstein shocks/springs and other improvements that make the suspension firm but well damped and the steering precise and certain.  The brakes stop the car straight and sure due to the improvements and stainless steel lines. The e-brake is properly adjusted and fully functional.

As we drive further, we are reminded that this car offers an excellent driving position and would make a great long distance touring, or club rally car, in addition to being a practical, fast and fun every day or weekend car for use on those twisty back roads.

As we pick up the pace, it becomes clear that this “tii” is noticeably quicker than a stock 2002 Coupe that we recently enjoyed.  An analysis of road test results supports our seat of the pants impressions.

This particular car runs and drives extremely well and is totally ready to enjoy.  As was stated in a publication many years ago: “Simply stated, the BMW 2002 is the hot-looking partner that you’ve been seeking, will enjoy on your first date, and never tire of spending time with.”