1985 Porsche 944 "Survivor" - One Local California Owner for 33 Years!


VIN: WP0AA0941FN457953
Exterior Color: Guards Red
Interior Color: Light Grey
Engine: 2.5 Liter
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Status: SOLD- Virginia
Stock: 09-10534
Mileage: 129,443
Features: Extremely Well Maintained by Porsche Dealer with Documentation from Date of Delivery - One Local California Owner, for 33+ Years Original Paint...Exceptional Original Example!


Finished in Desirable Guards Red / Tan Interior

One Owner for 33+ Years! – Totally Clean CarFax    

 Professionally Porsche Maintained – Beautiful Example of a Reasonably Priced Porsche Sports Car!


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The VIN is WP0AA0941FN457953 and has a clean title and CarFax and was delivered on 11/22/86 by Niello Porsche, Concord California.  The current owner acquired the car from the Porsche dealer 1 year after it was delivered to its original, local owner.  The owner purchased an extended warranty and continued to service the car utilizing local authorized Porsche dealerships until the car had 125,000 miles (17K miles ago).

Documentation for the delivering dealer shows the options fitted on the car as follows (all options remain in place as when delivered):

C81        California Emissions

158        Blaupunkt SQR 23 AM/FM Cassette Stereo

288        Headlight Washers

425        Rear Window Wiper

431        Raised Steering Wheel

454        Cruise Control

456        Sport Suspension (Front & Rear Sway Bars & Sport Shocks

650        Electric Sun Roof

946        Leather Seating Inserts

The Porsche is in beautiful condition and presents as a considerably lower mileage, newer example.    The car is highly unusual based on its original configuration, original paint, and very long-time California owner since late 1986.  The following are worth noting:

  • Delivered new on 8/30/85 (including dealer stamp of delivering dealer, Porsche of Corte Madera
  • The Porsche was traded into Niello Porsche for a new Porsche when it was 1 year old and was sold to the current owner of 33 years.
  • Original purchase agreement showing a price of $23,432.00 Is included as are the following:

–      Original Pink Slip (small pink slip showing original California delivery in 1985)

–      Notice of Sale or Transfer and Odometer Statement

–      Welcome letter from Niello Porsche

–      Welcome Letter from Porsche North America

–      Extended Warranty Agreement from Kar-Kare

–      Original Owner’s Manual

–      Original Service Manual with extensive service stamps through 125K miles (refer to photos)

–      Extensive receipts supporting maintenance and needed repairs over 33+ years (see below)

Extensive servicing by the delivering dealer and other Bay Area dealers as follows:

– Initial delivery @ 28 Miles 8/30/85 Corte Madera Porsche

– 4,203 Miles – Oil service & 2,000 mile service – Corte Madera Porsche

– 16,684 miles – Oil service, vehicle maintenance & emission control maintenance – Corte Madera Porsche

– 16,853 miles- Oil service, vehicle maintenance & emission control maintenance – Corte Madera Porsche

– 46,246 miles – Oil service, vehicle maintenance & emission control maintenance – Corte Madera Porsche

–  60,747 miles – Oil service, vehicle maintenance & emission control maintenance – Porsche dealer Oakland, CA

– 75,154 miles – Oil service, vehicle maintenance & emission control maintenance – Porsche dealer Oakland, CA

– 90,459 miles – Vehicle maintenance – Stead Motors, Walnut Creek

– 106,027 – Oil change & vehicle maintenance – Porsche dealer, Oakland, CA

– 125,000 (in to dealer, stamped but no indication of work performed

Within the last 100 miles, the car was taken to a local Porsche specialist with 30+ year’s experience for an evaluation and to ensure that it was in excellent running / driving condition.  It received an excellent evaluation and the following maintenance:

–      Complete oil service

–      New fuel pump

–      Replace needed fuel hoses

–      Drain fuel system / replace filter & fill with new gas

–      New battery

–      Spark Plugs / tune & adjust

–      New tires (4)

–      Safety inspection for brakes (excellent), front suspension, etc. all OK – Checklist completed



  • Excellent high gloss factory original Guards Red paint
  • Rust Free Northern California Porsche 944
  • Very straight, damage free California body
  • Beautiful “California Quality” exterior trim
  • No indications of partial painting and paint appears to be virtually all oriental – no overspray or signs of touch-up
  • “German quality” fit of all body panels
  • Large power sunroof with rear flip up
  • Excellent glass all around
  • Front bumper area and lower valence are good
  • Both black rear bumperettes and exterior trim in beautiful condition
  • Nice quality rear rubber spoiler (Not faded or cracked)
  • Dual factory outside rear view mirrors
  • Very nice original phone-dial alloy wheels
  • New tires within 100 miles


  • Factory light grey interior presents a beautiful contrast to the Guards Red paint
  • Beautiful front seats in fine condition with no significant wear to the driver’s side seat bolster – Free from tears, rips or major imperfections
  • Rear jump seats w/ folding backs in excellent condition
  • Factory 3-point front seat belts
  • Factory 2-point rear seat belts
  • Color coordinated light grey carpet throughout in very nice condition
  • Totally crack free original dashboard
  • Nice light grey & black door panels
  • Matching sun visors w/ vanity mirrors – free from warping and fading
  • Headliner is excellent condition, including sunroof
  • Steering wheel in nice condition
  • Rear window defogger
  • Both doors and both compartment lids open/close solidly with perfect gaps
  • Factory correct Blaupunkt SQR AM/FM Cassette Stereo (not working)
  • Rear storage compartment is clean with very nice carpet and includes storage bag for sunroof
  • Factory spare tire
  • Very clean engine compartment supporting excellent maintenance – no significant oil or other leaks


The cosmetic condition of the car is excellent. The light grey interior and desirable Guards Red exterior is striking combination on the 944. The excellent paint shows no signs of having been re-done and is reported as all original.  We can find no indication that is not the case.

The 944 is free from any dents or damage only showing a few minor door dings characteristic of its age and impossible to show in the photos. Both the front and rear bumper areas are in good condition and the front spoiler is free from cracking and damage. The removable sunroof top is in very nice condition including the underside of the top.  Glass is free from damage and the power windows are fully functional.  The unique factory “telephone dial” Porsche factory 944 wheels are in excellent damage with no major curbing, or damage.  Tires have just been replaced within 100 miles with appropriate, high speed touring tires and are properly balanced.

The interior shows beautifully. The leather seats, carpeting, and door panels are all in very nice, stock condition, reflecting the car’s low mileage and excellent care over the years.  The dash has no cracks, highly unusual for this era Porsche but indicative of the car always being garage and seeing limited use, especially in recent years due to the owner’s health.  The rear area under the hatchback glass is very tidy with excellent carpet that is devoid of fading or damage.

The Porsche is “California” clean, free from rust, and shows absolutely no signs of accident damage. Photos of the underside show the cleanliness of the undercarriage and suspension components.  The Car Fax supports the car’s totally clean history and lack of flood, theft, salvage and other negative history and documents the mileage chronologically.


Considering the c944’s car mileage and comprehensive service history, it is no surprise that the car runs and drives extremely well.  The car starts immediately when cold or warm, idles smoothly, and has excellent linear power.  The 944 is free from significant leaks and has never been abused, tracked, or neglected by its responsible, mature owner.

The brakes are excellent and stop the car straight and sure with a functional hand brake.  The steering is responsive and light as was typical on the 944’s of the era. There is no noise in the drive-line, the clutch engages properly and does not slip, chatter or exhibit any problems.   The cars comes with a file of receipts and registration slips that document repairs and, most important, the cars life-time California lineage that support the care that the car has received over the years.



Porsche decided to debut the new 944, which was the replacement for the 924, at the 24 Hours Le Mans race of 1981. This car was fitted with the new 2.5 liter four cylinder engine derived from the alloy V8. There were however many changes made in the transition from half V8 to new inline 4 cylinder.

The four cylinder engine had been fitted with dual counter-rotating balance shafts after the original 1904 design by British engineer Frederick Lanchester and improved upon by Japanese car maker Mitsubishi.  The reason for the counter-rotating balance shafts was to balance out the naturally unbalanced secondary forces inherent in an inline four cylinder.

Having been created by halving a V8 the new four cylinder was slanted over at 45 degrees to the right and fitted with a KKK supercharger delivering a rather significant 15.5 psi of boost. The engine was also fitted with the new Motronic engine management system which was used to intelligently control ignition timing, boost pressure, and the fuel injection system. This race tuned engine churned out an impressive 414 hp @ 6,800 rpm, which was near double the power of the US market version of its parent V8 engine.

The Le Mans race car performed superbly taking seventh place overall behind the purpose built Porsche 936 that won the race. Two elements that helped the racing 944 be so successful were its fuel economy, which enabled it to only make 21 fuel pit stops in the 24 hours, and its reliability.

The Porsche 944 made her debut in 1982 fitted with the 2.5 liter Porsche slant four engine producing 163hp for Europe market cars, and 143hp for US cars (which would be increased to 147hp from 1985-1987).

Although it was basically a 924 with a different engine, body styling and trim, the 944 looked to be a much more businesslike machine: while the 924 looked like a sports car that mild mannered Dr. Jekyll would drive the 944 looked a bit more like a Mr. Hydemobile.

Le Mans of 1981 had been the ideal venue to debut the new Porsche 944. Its performance gave the new model “Le Mans racing car” credibility: and the presence of that high tech genuine Porsche engine under the hood of the Porsche 944 made it a much more desirable entry level Porsche. The engine was of course dramatically de-tuned for the road going production car but even so the new model Porsche 944 boasted a standing to 60mph time of less than 9 seconds, achieving 8.3 seconds on test.

The top speed was also rather impressive: Porsche only claimed the car would do 130 mph (210 km/hr.) but on test it blew that away delivering 157.9 mph (254.1 km/hr.), which was faster than the Jaguar E-Type production cars, and the 944 delivered that speed with superior handling in part due to the car’s 50.7:49.3 near perfect front to rear weight distribution achieved by the use of the rear mounted gearbox and differential transaxle. (The fact that the transaxle was made by Audi was of course not mentioned.)

The first version of the 944 had the same interior as its parent 924 but with the flared fenders and genuine Porsche engine providing the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde distinction. By the middle of 1985 Porsche had decided that there was not enough distinction between the two models and so they gave the 944 a new dashboard and door trims, along with an embedded radio antenna.

As an option powered seats with heating were available for Mr. Hyde’s who like their creature comforts along with a Hi-Fi sound system so one could enjoy Richard Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” in glorious adrenaline pumping stereo: and to ensure one’s listening would not be marred by road noise the transaxle mounting was improved, so Wagner blended with the growl of the engine bringing out the full glory of both.

Under the hood the electrics were upgraded with the move to a 115amp alternator instead of the original 90amp one and the fuel tank was increased in capacity as was the engine sump. The wheels of the 944 were changed from the “cookie cutter” style to a telephone “swinging dial” style with Fuchs wheels available as an option. The suspension that kept those bouncing wheels attached to the car was also upgraded front and rear to new cast alloy control arms and semi-trailing arms.


During the final period of 944 production, Porsche made the decision to phase the model out and replace it with another front engine car, the Porsche 968. By the time production ended Porsche had made and sold 163,192 944’s making it their best-selling car to date.

The success of the 944 and its predecessor the 924 was not to prove sufficient to persuade Porsche to continue making front engine sports cars however. Despite them being a superb design and and sales success they were perhaps not really what people thought a “Porsche” should look like. It has been said that if the 924 and 944 had been made by someone else they would have been more readily accepted and I for one suspect that might just be true.

They were cars that broke the mould in terms of what people thought a “Porsche” should look like, and today many of Porsche’s best-selling vehicles are front-engined, like the Porsche Cayenne, the Macon, and the Panamera.

So perhaps there’s more 944 (and 924) DNA still within Porsche than many people may think.


  • Porsche 944 (man. 5) , model year 1985, version for North America (up to October)
  • Manufactured by Porsche in D
  • 3-door coupe body type
  • RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox
  • gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 2479 cm3 / 151.7 cui, advertised power: 106.6 kW / 143 hp / 145 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 186 Nm / 137 lb-ft., more data: 1985 Porsche 944 (man. 5) Horsepower/Torque Curve
  • Characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4290 mm / 168.9 in, width: 1735 mm / 68.3 in, wheelbase: 2400 mm / 94.5 in
  • Reference weights: shipping weight 1213 kg / 2675 lbs. base curb weight: 1260 kg / 2778 lbs.
  • How fast is this car? top speed: 209 km/h (130 mph) – factory specification
  • Accelerations: 0- 60 mph 8.3© s, 0- 100 km/h 8.7 s (declared by factory), 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 16.2 s (declared by factory) 1985 Porsche 944 (man. 5) Detailed Performance Review
  • Fuel consumption and mileage: 22 mpg (U.S.), 10.7 l/100km, 26.4 mpg (imp.), 9.4 km/l EPA combined ratings; average estimated by a-c©: 10.2 l/100km / 27.8 mpg (imp.) / 23.1 mpg (U.S.) / 9.9 km/l, more data:


  • Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
  • Owner’s Manual and Warranty & Maintenance Manual
  • Receipts / maintenance file included
  • Clear California title (Original Pink Slip)
  • Original spare
  • Original never used “case” for sunroof panel when not in use

Thank you,

Classic Cars Ltd.