1986 Porsche 944 Turbo ("951") - One California Owner, 33K Miles


VIN: WP0AA0956GN153110
Exterior Color: Guards Red
Interior Color: Black Leather Sport Seats
Engine: 2.5 Litre Turbocharged
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10532
Mileage: 33,564
Features: One Owner, delivered locally, fully documented history and maintenance...33,591 miles! Perhaps the finest 944 Turbo available today.

 Finished in Guards Red / Factory Black Power Sport Seats, Sunroof, Limited Slip, Blaupunkt

33,591 Documented Miles – One Local Owner  & Clean CarFax  

 100% Original Paint, Records Since New, “No Expense Spared” Maintenance

A Truly Exceptional Example of the  Increasing Desirable Porsche  944Turbo “951”


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We are celebrating our 26th year in the same location, and have sold hundreds of Porsche’s of all years and types.  A personal favorite is the “951”, more commonly known as the 944 Turbo.  And, just when we thought virtually all of the Turbo’s had high mileage, multiple owners, modifications and incomplete history, we come across this example.

This Porsche 944 Turbo is a local car and has never left Northern California.  The current and only owner purchased the 944 Turbo from Sunnyvale Porsche Audi, just ~30 miles for our location, on March 26, 1986 with 63 miles on the odometer.

To say that he was meticulous about its care would be a dramatic understatement.  The car spent the large majority of its life covered in his garage with the exception of occasional pleasure use, and regular service and maintenance by Porsche professionals.

The new owner will receive all of the original delivery documents and related items including:

– Original Window Sticker

– Internal Porsche Factory Build Sheet (in German)

– Original California “Pink Slip” (still in the original owner’s name)

– Original registration document

– Original Sunnyvale Porsche/Audi “Total Price” Window Sticker

– Original Purchase Agreement

– Original Finance Agreement

– Original Agreement to Furnish Insurance

– Original Odometer Statement showing delivery miles of 63

– Porsche Dealer Brochure

– Porsche 944 Brochure (include full page photo of a red 944 Turbo)

– Porsche Dealer Brochure – “Thirty Eight Years Ago”

– Porsche Owner’s Manual

– Porsche Warranty & Maintenance Booklet (Stamped with delivery date, dealer business card, and Porsche factory option code sticker) NOTE: Service booklet stamped with service/maintenance stamps through 8,300 miles – All maintenance is supported by hard copy receipts

– Blaupunkt Monterey SQR 23 Radio brochure

– Blaupunkt Auto radio Service pamphlet (locations)

– Original “Get Ready” paper to prepare car Dated 3/26/86

– Original “Front Axle Spring Lock Device” warning card

– Seat tags indicating “Genuine Leather”

– Porsche letter from Porsche North America for fuel hose recall – completed 8/7/86

– Original Porsche floor mat card

– All original keys

– Unused spare, tools and jack


The VIN is WP0AA0956GN153110 and the Porsche is currently licensed and registered in California through 3/28/2020.   The CarFax report is totally clean supporting the cars history of local delivery and one owner and documents the service history, chronological mileage and positive smog checks with 22 detailed records.

The current odometer reading of 33,591 miles is documented by maintenance records, and supported by the CarFax report.

The car was chosen with the most powerful engine of the time (Turbo version of 220 hp), with exterior color Guards Red in combination with the black sports seats in partial leather.

The car left the factory with the following list of equipment:

  • C03 –
  • 158 – Blaupunkt Monterey Radio Cassette SQR 23 +$657.00
  • 220 – Locking Differential 40% +$625.00
  • 341 – Central locking +$263.00
  • 383 – Sport seat Left w/ electrical height adjustment +$216.00
  • 387 – Sport seat Right w/ electrical height adjustment +$405.00
  • 454 – Automatic speed control +$326.00
  • 650 – Detachable roof panel – electronically operated +$730.00
  • 946 – Leather seats with leatherette rear/side +$435.00

In addition to the factory options, the Porsche Turbo was fitted with a host of convenience, safety, and performance upgrades including:

– Water cooled 2.5 liter turbocharged engine with charge cooling

– External engine oil cooler

– 5-speed fully synchronized transmission

– Front & rear stabilizer bars

– 4-piston disc brakes front & rear with brake proportioning valve

– 8×16” rear alloy wheels, 7×16” front

– Anti-theft device for wheels

– Tinted glass all windows

– Heated rear window

– Energy absorbing bumpers

– 63 amp battery

– Heated * electric side view mirrors

– Leather steering wheel

– Fog lights

– 4-speaker balance control suppression radio

– Automatic climate control

– Power windows

– Power steering

– 10 year anti-corrosion warranty


The overall cosmetic condition of the car is truly exceptional.  The Guards red exterior and black interior with leather sport seats is a striking combination on the 944 Turbo.  The all original paint is in beautiful condition due to the cars mileage of 33K and excellent paint   The paint meter supports the original factory paint with consistent reading (refer to photos of paint meter readings on various panels).

The exterior of the Porsche rates extremely high and is devoid of the typical rock chips, door dings and other imperfections typically seen on high mileage cars of this era.  Even a close, critical inspection of the car does not reveal imperfections that detract from the appearance and high quality of the 944 Turbo.  Both the front and rear bumper areas are in beautiful condition and the front spoiler is free from cracking and damage. The factory optional sunroof (removable) functions properly and is in excellent condition including the underside and all fittings.    Glass is all original with proper factory markings and free from damage.  The power windows operate as designed.  The unique factory “telephone dial” Porsche factory 944 Turbo wheels are in excellent damage with no curbing, or damage.  The premium Bridgestone SO3 tires are very nice with even wear and considerable remaining tread.

The interior shows as well as the exterior.  The leather seats, carpeting, and door panels are all in exceptional, stock condition, reflecting the car’s low mileage and excellent care over the years.  The dash is free from cracks and sun damage typically seen on this vintage Porsche.  The rear area under the hatchback glass is very tidy with excellent carpet that is devoid of fading or damage.

The Porsche is “California” clean, free from rust, and shows absolutely no signs of accident damage.  The Car Fax supports the car’s totally clean history and lack of flood, theft, salvage and other negative history.


  • Factory original correct Guards Red paint in exceptional condition
  • Free from door dings on sides
  • 100% straight accident free body
  • “German quality” fit of all body panels
  • Large power sunroof with rear flip up
  • Excellent factory glass all around
  • Front bumper area and lower valence are undamaged / unmarked
  • Both black rear bumperettes and exterior trim in beautiful condition
  • Dual factory outside power rear view mirrors
  • Damage free, factory “telephone dial” alloy wheels


  • Factory black leather interior presents a nice contrast to the Guards red exterior
  • Black leather sport seats, leather in fine condition with no rips and tears on either seat or the driver’s bolster – only the slightest patina/rubbing is present
  • Rear jump seats w/ folding back in excellent condition
  • Factory 3-point front seat belts
  • Factory 2-point rear seat belts
  • Color coordinated carpet throughout in very nice condition
  • Contrasting black floor mats with Porsche logos
  • Immaculate black door panels
  • Matching sun visors w/ vanity mirrors – free from warping and fading
  • Headliner is excellent condition, including sunroof
  • Steering wheel free from ring marks and other damage
  • Rear window defogger
  • Both doors and both compartment lids open/close solidly with perfect gaps
  • Factory optional Blaupunkt remains in place
  • Rear storage compartment is clean with very nice carpet and includes storage bag for sunroof
  • Factory spare tire
  • Very clean engine compartment supporting excellent maintenance – no leaks


The Porsche Turbo’s service and maintenance history dates back to 1986 when the car was delivered with early servicing by the delivering dealer, and subsequent maintenance by Porsche specialists.  Additionally, the file documents that the Porsche recalls were also addressed.     A summary of service/maintenance is as follows:

Mileage      Service Performed        Date

63 mi.               Delivered New             3/26/86

100 mi.       New car cover                    6/20/86

1,128 mi.    1,000 mile service            3/26/86

Add alarm system

Replace fuel line           Warranty

Repair minor front end

“shimmy”                      Warranty

Order tire (out of round)      3/26/86

Check front wheel balance

4,669 mi.    Minor oil service                 1/13/88

Repair harness to hood light

New dipstick & seal

8,300 mi.    8K mile service                     1/5/90

New clutch slave

Flush cooling system

Flush braking system

Oil service

Top off all fluids

10,123 mi.  Fuel hose recall             8/1/90

10,692 mi.  New battery                        9/20/91

12,280 mi.  Complete inspection     3/17/93

Oil service

Inspect brakes, cooling,

Hoses, belts, suspension

13,253 mi.  Replace sunroof switch   7/6/93

18,446 mi   Minor oil service/filter    9/29/97

Flush cooling system

Top up fluids

Inspect brakes, belts,

Hoses, lights

Replace hood struts

19,101 mi.  Oil service                    9/16/99

Top up fluids

20,547 mi.  Replace clutch slave     1/11/01

Master & all hoses

New P/S pump

Oil service/filter

Bleed brakes

23,644 mi.  20,000 miles service     9/9/04

New battery

23,927 mi.  New Bridgestone S03     1/27/05

Tires 205/55/16”

25,082 mi.  Complete valve job       12/12/05

Replace timing belt

All new radiator &

cooling hoses

Machine head

New plugs, dist. Cap,

‘                 wires, rotor

New water pump & belts

New coolant, oil svc.

28,412mi.   Repl. Camshaft housing 10/8/08


Oil service

Refresh coolant

New hood shocks

29,203 mi.  Replace oil press.         8/7/09

Relief valve

Replace door actuator

30,683 mi.  Complete oil service     9/1/10

31,444 mi.  Complete oil service     11/16/11

New battery

32,854 mi.  Spark plugs                        12/19/14

Oil service

Adjust timing belt

Air & fuel filter

New wiper blades

Add coolant/brake fluid

33,426 mi.  Oil & filter                     8/13/18

Check all fluids, etc.

NOTE: Current mileage reads 33,591

Considering the cars low mileage and comprehensive service history, it is no surprise that the car runs and drives extremely well.  The car starts immediately when cold or warm, idles smoothly, and has excellent power form the turbocharged engine.  The 944 Turbo is free from leaks and has never been abused, tracked, or neglected by its responsible, mature owner.

The brakes are excellent and stop the car straight and sure with a functional hand brake.  The steering is responsive and light as was typical on the 944’s of the era. There is no noise in the drive-line, the clutch engages properly and does not slip, chatter or exhibit any problems.   The cars comes with a file of receipts and registration slips that document repairs and, most important, the cars life-time California lineage that support the care that the car has received over the years..


  • Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
  • Receipts / maintenance file included
  • Clear California title and currently California registered until 3/28/20.
  • Original tool kit



  • TYPE: Inline 4
  • INDUCTION: Turbocharged
  • COOLING: Water-cooled
  • VALVETRAIN: Single overhead camshaft
  • INJECTION: Port injection
  • BORE X STROKE: 94 in/100.0 mm x 3.11 in/78.9 mm
  • DISPLACEMENT: 22 cu-in./2,479 cc
  • HORSEPOWER: 220 @ 5800 rpm
  • TORQUE: 243 lb-ft. @ 3500 rpm
  • MAX RPM: 6500


  • OPTIONS: 5-speed manual


  • TYPE: Front-engined, rear-wheel drive
  • CURB WEIGHT: 2,722 lbs.
  • HEIGHT: 20 in/1,275 mm
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 92 in/125 mm
  • LENGTH: 54 in/4,230 mm
  • WHEELBASE: 49 in/2,400 mm
  • WIDTH: 31 in/1,735 mm
  • TRACK FRONT: 15 in/1,477 mm
  • TRACK REAR: 13 in/1,451 mm
  • WHEEL SIZE FRONT: 16 x 7
  • WHEEL SIZE REAR: 16 x 8
  • TIRE SIZE FRONT: 205/55VR-16
  • TIRE SIZE REAR: 225/50VR-16


  • CALIPER FRONT: Fixed 4-piston
  • CALIPER REAR: Fixed 4-piston
  • DISC TYPE FRONT: Ventilated discs
  • DISC TYPE REAR: Ventilated discs
  • DISC SIZE FRONT: 73 in/298 mm x 1.10 in/28 mm
  • DISC SIZE REAR: 77 in/299 mm x 0.94 in/24 mm


  • 0 TO 60: 5 Seconds
  • TOP SPEED: 152 mph


  • FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 1 U.S. gallons
  • REQUIRED OCTANE: Premium unleaded (91+)


The 944, with internal production code 951, was a mid-sized coupe, equipped with a front engine and rear-wheel drive, in a transaxle configuration. An estimate of 163,000 units were build worldwide, making it the most successful Porsche in its history until the appearance of the Porsche Boxster and 997 Carrera.

Of the Turbo model, 25.000 units were manufactured, of which over 14.000 were exported to the United States.

It equipped a 4-cylinder engine with 2.5 liters of displacement (M44) which was initially offered as a normally aspirated engine.  In 1986, Porsche introduced the Turbo version, equipping the engine with turbo and intercooler that raised the power of the car to a factory indicated 220 hp.

The Turbo also brought other important changes such as improved aerodynamics, a reinforced gearbox with oil cooling system and a different final gear ratio, a new engine oil cooling radiator (the atmospheric used a water-oil exchanger ), 16″ wheels as standard and a firmer suspension to handle the extra weight. All the internal components of the 951 engine were revised (more than 30 changes were made) to ensure that it would withstand the increase in heat and the higher pressures and internal loads it would have to endure.

The Porsche 944 Turbo was manufactured in a separate plant from the 944, the Neckarsulm facility in Germany.

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