1987 Porsche 930 Turbo Slantnose


VIN: 050953
Exterior Color: Guards Red
Interior Color: Tan Leather
Engine: 3.3 Liter 6 Cylinder
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Status: Available
Stock: 09-10486
Mileage: 39,304
Features: Steel Slantnose, Documented Mileage, Extensive Records - One Owner for 35+ Yea rs!

Factory Porsche Produced 3.3 Liter 930 Turbo 

Delivered New to Nearby California Porsche Dealer & Remained In CA. Since New!

Steel Flachbau (Slant Nose) – Finished in Factory Guards Red / Tan Leather

 Owned by Current Owner for ~30 Years…Absolutely Incredible Example with

“Cost No Object” Maintenance & Care & Documentation Since New



– Current ownership for ~30 years

– Factory Guard Red / Tan Leather

– Period correct BBS 3-piece gold center wheels

– Fantastic cosmetics inside and out

– No expense spared mechanical and overall care

– Receipts documenting maintenance / repairs since the 1990’s

– Factory owner’s manual, tools, spare

– RSR front strut brace

– Tastefully & professionally lowered…sits perfectly

– New clutch @ 35K miles (<5,000 miles ago)

– New tires <2,000 miles

– Always kept detailed by professional staff as part of a major and important collection

– Alpine CD radio & high quality Boston Acoustic speakers (Amp mounted under seat)

– Floor mats with turbo logo

– Extras including:

– Sheepskin front seat covers

– Hardwired Escort radar detector

– Hardwired battery tender

– Viper dual zone keychain remote alarm system

– Car cover

– Bra for slant nose

– Exterior mirror covers

– Windshield dash cover with Porsche logo

– Logo mats including rear package shelf (when seats are down)


In 1965 Porsche began the model line that has become an icon among sports cars. The “911” series offered a number of variants but one of the “Best of the Best” was the limited production 930.  This 930 Slant Nose has been owned by the same owner for over 28 years as part of his prestigious collection of automobiles.  The car has a history of being in California since new, although it is licensed / registered in Arizona (to a property owned by the cars current owner) for cost reasons.  However, it important to note that the CarFax documents that the Porsche has passed the strict California smog testing since 1991.  To say that it has been pampered would be a dramatic understatement.   The car has received cost no object maintenance and represents a truly exceptional, investment grade factory produced Porsche 930 Coupe.

The 930 carries VIN number WP0JB0933HS050953 with documented chronological mileage of 39,298 miles.  The Porsche is a life-long California car that was delivered to its new owner, Dr. Conley, by Niello Imports, Sacramento, CA.  When the car was delivered on October 3, 1987 it had 242 miles.  The Porsche Warranty & Maintenance booklet documents the cars early maintenance by Porsche including the Porsche recommended service between 500-2,000 miles (completed at 967 miles), and oil service and vehicle maintenance performed at 16,698 miles, and a valve adjustment and service at 18,885 miles. Under the ownership of Dr. Conley the car was stolen and recovered with only very minor damage.  The right front fender and left door were affected but there was NO structural damage to the car.  However, the insurance company issued a salvage title as a result of the theft of the vehicle and recovery timing.

The car was acquired by the current owner in 1989 with fewer ~18,000 miles and has accumulated less than 20,000 miles since 1991 and the CarFax supports the mileage.  The Porsche retains the factory correct and original production sticker under the front hood that supports that it was produced as a 930. It further documents the cars original color of Guards Red, the options that remain in place (with the exception of the radio that has been upgraded), and other relevant data.  While the car is not a “505” optioned car, the car is (and has been prior to the current owners acquisition almost 30 years ago) configured properly as a 930 slant nose with all steel fenders, hood, functional headlights, and virtually all other components.  A recent inspection by a 30 year Porsche specialist supports the cars extremely high quality from a cosmetic and mechanical perspective (see Inspection Results below).  Maintenance and history are documented in an extensive file including photos of the cars high level, trim removed & complete re-spray in the factory Guards Red.


We must admit that describing the condition of this Porsche 930 is straightforward.  The Porsche has extremely well cared for and is in truly remarkable condition, not just for its age, but measured against the highest current standards.  The Porsche has never been stored for prolonged periods but always maintained, and driven very sparingly to ensure complete and proper operation.  The car is a truly striking example inside and out that was restored   There is not CarFax report of any damage or re-painting and the owner confirms that the car has not received partial repainting.   The classic Guards Red exterior and desirable tan leather interior is accented by period proper BBS mesh wheels with coordinating gold inserts.  The car epitomizes what was, and still is, one of the finest examples of Porsche’s high performance efforts in the 1980’s.  Undoubtedly, the 930 is a

The Porsche exterior condition reflects the very low 39K miles.  The Porsche remains free from the road rash found on higher mileage examples.  Despite the “slope” nature of the front end, any imperfections are slight enough that a close, critical inspection is required to identify the smallest flaw.  With the exception of minor nicks/chips, mostly in the 3M material, the remains free of any nicks / chips.  As a result of the minimal use and little / no exposure to the elements, the C4S has superb paint that is free from all but the most minor imperfections that can be seen only upon the most critical close inspection.  There is no body damage including door dings.  The car has been a “one-driver” example under the owner’s care.

Of course, the car has been garaged for its entire life and received professional, high level detailing to ensure that he Porsche looked its best at all times for its proud original owner.  The exterior trim is equally as good with no nicks or scrapes on the bumpers (a suburban car so there is none of the “big city” parking damage), door dings or signs of previous or current damage or imperfections.  The wheels are quality BBS wheels finished in the proper, period gold (centers).  The wheels are in excellent condition with the right rear wheel showing signs of minor “curbing” on the very leading edge of the wheel.  Tires are virtually new in the correct sizes; 245 / 45 16” Rear, 225/50 16” Front.

The Porsche’s interior is equally as nice as the exterior.  For the last 28~ years, the Porsche has had quality sheepskin covers on the front seats (shown in a few photos) that were removed for the photographs.  As a result the seats remain in excellent condition showing only the fine patina of leather.  The interior is exceptional, from the seats to the door panels, trim, dash and all other parts of the inside cabin.  There are no cracks on the dash, the gauges are clear and totally functional, and the overall interior reflects the cars low, low mileage and care by its long term, mature owner / collector.    The rear fold-down seats are in fantastic condition as is the remainder of the Porsches interior, and other interior trim.  The old adage “A photograph is worth 1,000 words” applies when it comes to the photos of the interior.  It is simply as good as it gets and has the appearance of a virtually new car.


The 930 was acquired by its current owner over 28 years ago. It is documented as a factory Turbo 930 and was configured as a slant nose (all steel) car when he purchased it.  Subsequent to his purchase of the slant nose, the car received a very high level re-spray in the factory original Guards Red.  The re-paint is documented by photos and consisted of a complete, window out, all trim removed, 2-stage paint that shows extremely well.

The extensive maintenance file dates back to 1989 when the current owner took possession of the car (when it was only 2 years old, with ~18K miles) and reflects maintenance by the Porsche dealer, and premier Porsche specialists in Northern California where the car has spent its entire life.  While the file is too extensive to list in detail, it supports that the 930 was exceptionally well cared for and taken in for the most minor items by its particular owner.  Of course, the file is replete with ongoing maintenance including oil services, valve adjustments, wheel alignments, and other required, regular minor and major services.

Of particular note is the service that took place at 35,007 miles (less than 5K miles ago).  The 930 received a complete engine out service including a new completed clutch kit, flywheel pilot bearing, and related components.  Additionally, the Porsche received an engine re-seal, new hoses, complete service and inspection.  At 37,500 miles (<2,000 miles ago), the car was received new tires, and a 4-wheel alignment/balance.

As one Porsche ad exclaimed… “One ride and you’ll understand why most rocket scientists are German.”  How does one describe a drive in the Porsche Turbo 930?  Car & Driver may have said it best when they said: “A 930 on the hunt makes ­little commotion. It idles pla­cidly at 600 rpm; the fan whir and valve-train clatter typical of all Porsches of the period. Intake and exhaust roar are both muffled by the turbo, while the above-4000-rpm hissy fit sounds like an atomic street sweeper.”

“The boost kick is more than enough to howl the tires and slide the tail around a corner. Lifting in the middle of any bend is verboten because it’s tough to catch the inevitable oversteer. The lovely three-spoke wheel is loose for a few on-center degrees, then effort rises in direct proportion to lock; unfortunately the steering ratio is too slow to rule the wild tail.”

“Porsche may have run with the 930 before it had perfected walking with the 911, but it helped plot the shortest path to the next three decades of improvements.”

This car runs and drives as expected from a very high end, low mileage Porsche.  It starts immediately whether cold or warm and the power is strong throughout the rev range.  Shifting is effortless with excellent “syncros” in all gears, up & down.  There are no signs of weakness in the cars Porsche factory fitted transmission.

The brakes are excellent and stop the car straight and sure with a functional hand brake.  The steering is responsive and light as was typical on the 911’s of the era. There is no noise in the drive-line, the clutch engages properly and does not slip, chatter or exhibit any problems.   The car comes with a file of receipts and registration slips that document repairs and, most important, the cars life-time California lineage.

The odometer currently reads 39,300 mile.  The CarFax documents the chronological mileage since 1991 when the car has just 19K miles and the receipts and Carfax support the chronological progression of mileage since that time.  The cars beautiful interior, body and overall condition also support its low, low mileage.

We have had more 911’s than we can count and this car represents what may be the nicest example of all of the Porsche’s that we have had over the course of 25 years.  It is in outstanding overall condition and represents one of Porsche’s true landmark production cars.   The 930 is offered at a very fair price considering its superb overall condition, California lineage, and long term ownership history.


The Porsche was inspected on 1/26/18 by a Porsche specialist with 30+ years of experience with a wide range of Porsche cars including all years of 911’s and 356’s.

After a comprehensive inspection the owner of the Porsche facility indicated that there is absolutely no sign of damage to the cars structure, undercarriage, suspension, inner front trunk, rear engine compartment, rocker panels, inner fender wells, or other areas of the car.  He further indicated that the Porsche is a very high level example that has the build quality of a factory 505 slant nose complete with steel fenders, Porsche rear turbo deck lid, steel rear valance, proper side pods rust, and properly configured engine and mechanical components.

He further stated that the car is 100% free from rust and shows excellent care with no signs of abuse or hard use/driving.  The oil cooler lines, sway bar mounts, and other parts are factory original and not changed.  The clutch shows fresh bolts supporting the completed engine out service and replacement a few thousand miles ago.

Finally, a review of the VIN #, inner hood sticker supports that the car was delivered as a factory 930 Porsche and the slant nose was completed at substantial cost and to exacting standards making it virtually impossible to tell that it is not a factory issued 505 options slant nose.

Independent inspections are encouraged as we are confident that the Porsche will pass the most critical inspection with flying colors.


The sticker under the front compartment lid (original and with no signs of re-painting around sticker) lists the following option codes:

  • C03 – California car
  • 158 – Blaupunkt Monterey radio (now replaced with a modern Alpine unit)
  • I975 – Velour front carpet
  • 533 – Alarm
  • M650 – Sunroof


  • 3 liter flat 6 cylinder “boxer” engine
  • 282 hp & 289 lb-ft. torque, 7.0:1 compression ratio
  • Overhead camshaft engine with timing chain
  • Dry sump engine oil system w/ separate oil tank
  • Air cooled
  • Air Flow Control fuel injection w/ electric pump
  • Factory manual transmission
  • Disc brakes all around w/ power assist
  • Unitized chassis construction
  • Independent suspension all around w/ torsion bars for each wheel
  • Front and rear stabilizer bars
  • 16-inch Fuchs forged alloy wheels; 8” wide front 9” wide rear
  • New Kuhmo tires (Rear 245/45/16”, Front 225/50/16”)
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioning


  • Absolutely brilliant, highest quality Guards Red
  • No door dings or exterior damage
  • Very straight body
  • “German quality” fit of all body panels (steel)
  • Excellent glass all around
  • Front bumper area and lower valence are excellent
  • Both black rear bumperettes and exterior trim in beautiful condition
  • Dual factory outside rear view mirrors (covers included


  • Striking in tan leather / black trim
  • Seats have been covered by high quality sheepskins (included) for 28~ years
  • Rear jump seats w/ folding backs in very good condition
  • Custom floor mats including rear seat package area mat (“Turbo”)
  • Factory 3-point front seat belts
  • Factory 2-point rear seat belts
  • Tan carpet in good condition
  • Color coordinated floor mats w/ logo’s
  • Black dash , free from cracks
  • Nice black door panels
  • Black sun visors w/ vanity mirrors
  • Excellent headliner
  • Rear window defogger
  • Both doors and both compartment lids open/close solidly with perfect gaps
  • After market upgraded quality sound system (manuals included) 7905 & Boston Acoustics Speakers
  • Front compartment is clean and has nice factory upgraded black carpet
  • Factory compact spare tire in front compartment w/ complete factory tool kit
  • Very clean engine compartment supporting excellent maintenance


  • Sheepskin covers, front seats
  • Slant nose bra
  • Mirror covers
  • Car cover
  • Battery trickle charger


  • Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
  • Original Owner’s Manual and Warranty & Maintenance Manual
  • File of maintenance record
  • California title and current California registration
  • Original tool kit
  • Portable 12 volt air compressor



  • TYPE: Flat 6 Cylinder
  • INDUCTION: Turbocharged
  • COOLING: Air/oil-cooled
  • VALVETRAIN: Single overhead camshaft
  • INJECTION: Port injection
  • BORE X STROKE: 82 in/97 mm x 2.93 in/74.4 mm
  • DISPLACEMENT: 24 cu-in/3.299 cc
  • HORSEPOWER: 282 @ 5500 rpm
  • TORQUE: 289 lb-ft. @ 4000 rpm
  • MAX RPM: 7200


  • TYPE: Rear-engined, rear-wheel drive
  • CURB WEIGHT: 2,976 lbs.
  • HEIGHT: 57 in/1,310 mm
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 72 in/120 mm
  • LENGTH: 94 in/4,291 mm
  • WHEELBASE: 45 in/2,272 mm
  • WIDTH: 88 in/1,775 mm
  • TRACK FRONT: 38 in/1,432 mm
  • TRACK REAR: 09 in/1,501 mm
  • WHEEL SIZE FRONT: 16 x 8
  • WHEEL SIZE REAR: 16 x 9
  • TIRE SIZE FRONT: 225/50VR-16
  • TIRE SIZE REAR245/45VR-16
  • CALIPER FRONT: Fixed 4-piston
  • CALIPER REAR: Fixed 4-piston
  • DISC TYPE FRONT: Ventilated and cross-drilled discs
  • DISC TYPE REAR: Ventilated and cross-drilled discs
  • DISC SIZE FRONT: 97 in/304 mm x 1.26 in/32 mm
  • DISC SIZE REAR: 17 in/309 mm x 1.10 in/28 mm


  • Top speed 165 mph
  • 0-60 mph time 4.1 sec
  • ¼ mile w/ dead start 12.9 seconds / 107 mph
  • Fuel capacity 22.5 US gal, premium unleaded


The iconic Porsche 911  is a two-door, 2+2 high performance sports car made since 1965 by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. It has a rear-mounted six cylinder boxer engine and all-around independent suspension. It has undergone continuous development, though the basic concept has remained little changed. The engines were air-cooled until 1998.

Porsche’s drive to consistently improve their racing program led to many ground-breaking innovations. Thanks to homologation regulations in the racing world, which required a finite number of cars to be produced and sold before the models were allowed into competition, many of those ground breaking innovations were served up to the public through production cars built and sold to meet those requirements. The Porsche 911 Turbo is a perfect example of homologation gone wild.

The original plan for the 911 Turbo was to meet the homologation requirements of 400 units that were to be produced over a period of 24 months, at which point Porsche would cease production. When the homologation rules changed and the car was no longer needed to meet requirements, Porsche decided to soldier on and continue development with a goal to produce a variant of the Model 911 that would top the line of production Porsche models and could directly compete with the luxurious powerhouses being turned out by Ferrari and Lamborghini.

In order to handle the higher power output, the Type 930 was given a suspension revision, larger brakes, larger wheels, wider tires and flared fenders to accommodate the extra beef. A large rear spoiler was added, known familiarly as a “Whale Tail” or a “Tea Tray”, to help create downforce at the rear and push more air through the engine. Lastly, the new superstar of the Porsche line-up received a stronger 4-speed gearbox.

In 1980 the Type 930 was pulled from the US (and Japanese) markets as a result of yet another change in emissions regulations. It remained available on the Canadian and European markets and beginning in 1981 could be special-ordered as a “Flachbau” or “Slantnose” edition. Each Flachbau unit was hand-crafted by remodeling the front fenders into 935-style slantnose and stuffed with an upgraded 3.3L engine that produced 330hp. Very few were built as they commanded quite a premium over the cost of a basic 911 Turbo.

911 Turbos are dream cars for an entire generation of kids … who grew up looking to find one for their own garage. The cars are highly collectible and very valuabl


As always, we recommend that you carefully review the seller’s background for any collector car being sold over the Internet. It is important to ask yourself a number of questions including, but not limited to:

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