2004 Porsche 911 40th Anniversary - 35K California Miles


VIN: WP0AA299X4S621769
Exterior Color: GT Silver
Interior Color: Black Sports Seats
Engine: 3.6 Liter
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10479
Mileage: 35,242
Features: 35,242 California Miles, Fresh Porsche Factory Rebuilt Engine <1,000 Miles, Rare 40th Anniversary Car, 1 of 1,953 Examples Produced


3.6 Liter 345 hp Flat 6 Engine w/ 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Finished in Striking Porsche GT Silver – Lifelong Northern California Car 

Porsche Dealer Complete Engine Rebuild ~1,200 Miles Ago Due to IMS Failure
Well Maintained Since New with Complete Maintenance History



The Porsche 40th Anniversary 911 is much more than a re-badged Carrera. Knowledgeable Porsche enthusiasts recognize that the car approaches GT3 territory as a result of the significant (and costly) factory mechanical enhancements. Limited to only 1963 units (the year the 911 was first released), each “40 Jahre” car has a plaque with its edition number (this car carries # 0957) in the production (approximately 800 cars shipped to North America). All 40AE’s have the X51 power package (engine upgraded to 345hp, a $17k option on regular 996s), factory Limited Slip Differential (available only on the 40AE and on some 1999 models with the smaller 3.4L engine), club sport suspension (M030 suspension lowered 10mm), GT Silver paint (the only other 2004 model with that color option was the $440k Carrera GT), custom wheels, model-specific full Leather interior with Alcantara headliner.Options/Features include:

• X51 power package

• M030 sport suspension

• 4-Wheel Disc Brakes ABS

• Aluminum Wheels

• Performance Tires

• Traction Control

• PSM Stability Control

• Power Steering

• Locking/Limited Slip Differential

• GT Silver Metallic Paint

• HID headlights

• Engine Immobilizer

• Sun/Moonroof

• Rear Spoiler

• Rear Wiper

• Natural Grey Full Leather Dash/interior

• Natural Grey Leather Steering Wheel

• Natural Grey Floor Mats w/ Porsche Embroidery

• Heated Front Seat(s)

• Heated Mirrors

• Power Mirror(s)

• A/C

• Driver memory full power adjustment

• Remote Trunk Release

• Keyless Entry

• Climate Control

• Cruise Control

• Rear Defrost

• Adjustable Steering Wheel Illuminated Visor Mirrors

• Power Door Locks

• Air Bags (STD)

• Bose High-End Sound PKG:
• Bose Two-State Modulation (TSM) switching, CD Player channel amp w/equalization, 100-watt amp 5×25 watt linear amps, 11 high-performance speakers with remote 6-Disc CD Changer


The Porsche 911 is the quintessential high-performance sports car and has been for as long as we can remember. A lot of driving enthusiasts grew up wanting one. This iconic machine celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2004, and it remains the standard by which other sports cars are judged.

In late 1964 Porsche began the 911 model line that has become an icon among sports cars. This rare 2004 Porsche Anniversary 911 is a particularly fine example of the fifth generation manufactured until 2004. This example was delivered new to Niello Porsche, in dry Roseville, California on 4/14/2004 and retained by its first owner until 4/2010 when it had 17,000 miles (Note: Carfax shows two owner’s during this period but the car was leased and then purchased by the same owner so there was only one owner for the first ~6 years.

The 911’s second owner, in nearby Sacramento, owned the car for a period of 4 years from 2010 – 2012 adding less than 2,000 miles to the car. When it changed hands to the current owner the odometer registered just under 20,000 miles. The current owner has owner the car for 4 ½ years and enjoyed the Porsche for 15,000 miles. The current mileage reading on the 2001 Porsche 40th Anniversary 911 is 35,242. The mileage is documented by maintenance / service receipts dating back to when the car is a few years old (being serviced by Porsche) and supported by documentation on the CarFax report that documents dealer and other Porsche specialist servicing back to 2004.

The history of maintenance on the Porsche is substantial and reflects considerable concern by its mature owner to comply with Porsche’s service recommendations. Every effort was made to keep the car in excellent mechanical condition at all times. The receipts and documentation show frequent minor and major services and attention to any issues that developed.

Specifically, the transmission was removed to address a rear crankshaft seal (13k miles), cabin & air filters cleaned as required, clutch replacement (21K miles), frequent oil service performed, tire rotations/replacements, wiper blade changes, regular smog inspections (always passed no problem), and too many other regular service items to list.

The current customer reports that after researching the IMS (Intermediate Shaft Bearing) issue they took action and had it replaced shortly after acquiring the car in 2014 when it had 21,232. The IMS kit was installed along with a clutch kit, resurfaced flywheel, new multi-ribbed belt, and a host of other work. The total bill came to $5,211.51. Subsequently, the car received regular servicing as it had since it was new.

On 10/13/17 when the Porsche had 34,105 miles (1,137 miles ago), the car was taken to an independent repair facility, German Auto Clinic, due to noise from the engine. It was determined that the car had no compression 5 of the 6 cylinders and the IMS bearing had failed resulting in catastrophic damage.

The owner felt that despite the considerable damage, they would invest in the car but they wanted the engine re-done properly, by the dealer. The Porsche was taken to Porsche Marin and a complete engine rebuilt was performed. The receipt shows the work was completed (after almost 6 months) by Porsche on 5/23/18 with the odometer still showing 34,105. The total repair cost was $23,928.35. So, within less than 1,200 miles, the Porsche has had the benefit of a freshly rebuilt engine. This does not include other general maintenance costs incurred by the owner (more on that later).

The VIN is WP0AA299X4S621769 and the 911 is licensed in California. With only 35K miles on the car and a fresh engine, the Porsche represents an excellent opportunity to acquire a limited edition Porsche 40th Anniversary without concerns about the IMS issue.


For one year only, 2004, Porsche built 1963 Carrera 40th Anniversary 911 models. These limited production cars represent Carrera Coupes with engines tweaked to 345 horsepower (an increase of 10%~ from the standard 911) and a standard locking differential to improve traction and optimize acceleration. They also include Porsche Stability Management (PSM) anti-skid electronics. All 40th Anniversary cars were painted metallic silver, with bi-xenon headlights and special 18-inch wheels, sill trim and badging. The optional 40th Anniversary package added approximately $20,000 to the price of a base Porsche 911.

In addition to the full complement of options included on the 40th Anniversary Porsche, this example is fitted with the following additional options:

– Porsche Communication Mgmt. II (Navigation, etc.)

– Bose High End Sound Package

– Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)

– Rear Window Wiper

– Natural Grey Floor Mat

With an additional $4,500+ in options, the desirable 2004 40th Anniversary Porsche would have carried a delivered new price of over $100K…in 2004!


• Classic Porsche GT Silver exterior, overall excellent condition with no indication of prior re-painting

• Flex nose in fine shape with only a few very light scrapes to the rubber leading edge of the lower panel that can only be seen when the car is on the lift (refer to photos)

• Flex rear in fine shape including both bumperettes

• Very straight body

• Attractive 40th Anniversary special 5-Spoke 18” wheel with colored Porsche center caps

• German precision fit of all body panels

• Both doors and both compartment lids open and close smartly

• All glass is excellent

• All light lenses are excellent

• Incredibly clean “California Quality” undercarriage (refer to photos)


• Black leather sport seats (with body color backs) in excellent condition; minimal wear on fronts, rear seats appear new

• 3-Spoke leather steering wheel with colored Porsche crest

• Four 3-point black seat belts

• Excellent carpet throughout w/ black mats

• Excellent, crack-free black dash pad

• Excellent black door panels

• Shiny “911” logo sill plates

• Clean front storage compartment w/ original black carpet

• Remarkably clean, tidy well maintained engine compartment


The car is in beautiful overall condition due to the low mileage and care that it has received over the years. The special GT Silver paint remains in excellent condition and free from the significant front end chips, and road rash often seen on 911’s. There is virtually no damage to the front end of the Porsche that detracts from its overall appearance. There are no door dings on the side panels. The flex material of the nose is in excellent condition with only a few very minor scrapes. The limited edition, 5-spoke, 18” premium alloy wheels have the normal, expected minor imperfections from use. Tires are new Pirelli P-Zero, high quality matching tires. All glass and light lenses are excellent. The underside remains “California clean”, totally free from rust and any accumulation of oil or grease.

The all black interior shows beautifully. The sport leather seats are in beautiful, damage fee condition with none of the typical major wear often seen on the left side bolster. Of course, the dash and other interior panels are equally good. The center console on the 40th Anniversary is painted to match the body color as are the backs of the Porsche issued sport seats, a nice contrast to the black interior. The carpeting, dash pad, and door panels are all excellent. The front luggage compartment contains the original spare and factory bits and is immaculate. The engine compartment is also very clean and reflects the care the Porsche has received (please refer to the photos of the engine, trunk, underside and other parts of the car).


We have had the pleasure of experiences Porsche’s for more years than we care to admit. However, each time we receive a new Porsche, well, it’s a good day. Unquestionably, the cars have changed significantly over the years yet the rear engine / rear drive layout works, and works very well, indeed.

Those who are not familiar with recent Porsche cars may question the reason for Porsche’s ongoing success. After all, in a world filled with front wheel drive, electric and Hybrid vehicles the 911 the Porsche continues to have the engine in the “wrong place”, a staggering cost new, and somewhat idiosyncratic styling, the 911 remains a niche car in a very small but strong niche. Those who experience modern Porsche’s for the first time may be in for a surprise. The current cars are practical, comfortable, very quick, easy to drive, excellent handling, absolutely capable of doing the daily humdrum or exhilarating with a blast through the twisty bits. They have, as the old saying goes “Come a long way, Baby.”

In the case of this 2004 40th Anniversary Porsche, we love the styling of the classic Coupe. The wide rear fenders, lower stance and wide wheels front and rear give the car an aggressive appearance that was lacking in earlier 911 models. This particular 911 the extra benefit limited edition 18” wheels that were designed by Porsche for this vehicle. They are some of the most attractive factory issued wheels that we have seen from a German manufacturer.

However, the best part is yet to come. A turn of the traditional left side mounted ignition and the car comes to life with a rumble from the dual exhaust. As we pull away from our showroom we are reminded this car is fitted with an increasingly rare manual 6-Speed. The clutch engages properly and we accelerate through the gears effortlessly. The increased horsepower and torque of the 345 hp (an increase of 10%~ for the 40th Anniversary 911) engine kicks in and plants our back firmly into the rear backrest. As we shift up, we run out of straight road and notice that the speedometer needle has quickly climbed to 3 digits. In order to keep our perfect driving record intact, we apply the brakes that bring the car down to the posted speed limit. There is little doubt that the reported figures of 0-60 mph in fewer than 5 seconds and a top speed of over 175 mph are accurate.

Our drive back to the office is more relaxed and we have an opportunity to enjoy the creature comforts of the Porsche. We can’t help but notice the compliant ride, comfortable leather seating with infinitely adjustability, quality Bose sound system and classic, simple but functional appointments. The Carrera offers the benefits of comfort without sacrificing tremendous performance and tremendous handling…truly the best of both (all) worlds.


The following documentation, all original, is included with the car:

• Owner’s Manual

• Original Window Sticker

• Maintenance Booklet (Stamped by Niello Porsche when delivered & serviced)

• Radio / CD Manual

• Porsche Communication Management (PCM) brochure

• Warranty & Consumer Information

• Quick Reference Guide for car

• Reference Guide for the Porsche Sound System

• Roadside Owner’s Information

• Original business cards from Niello Porsche

• Repair & Maintenance Receipts

• Tequipment 911 (Accessories for the 911)

• Dealer Directory

• Just in case you ever find yourself in the passenger seat.” (Packet of operational & other information on the Porsche)


• Power windows w/ one touch

• Intermittent wipers w/ rain sensors

• Carbon filtered ventilation system

• Illuminated dual vanity mirrors

• Driver and passenger seats w/ power backrest, manual height adjustment

• Central locking system

• Anti-theft system w/ radar interior surveillance

• Lockable storage compartment

• Automatic full climate control w/ air conditioning

• Power heated side mirrors


• 4-piston fixed alloy calipers, vented and perforated brake discs

• Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

• Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

• Dual front airbags w/ Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP)

• Bi-Xenon lighting system

• Integrated third brake light


“Still the quintessential sports car after four decades, the 2004 Porsche 911 has a unique blend of style, performance and sound that’s unmatched by anything on the road. Pros: pinpoint steering, effortless acceleration, awe-inspiring brakes, the rhythmic sound of a powerful flat six, and a comfortable cockpit.” Edmunds.com

“Among sports cars, Porsche’s safety, reliability, and build quality are incomparable.” Motor Trend Magazine

“The legend of the Porsche 911 is no myth. The current version delivers the latest engine and chassis technology and better performance than all but a few exotic cars available in North America. What’s really impressive, though, is how easy it is to drive a 911. It’s more user-friendly than a Ferrari, a Chevrolet Corvette or a Dodge Viper, and it’s easier to live with as a daily driver. The 911 makes a better daily driver than the Porsche Boxster, as well. Porsche rightfully prides itself on the 911’s wash-and-wear quality. As true high-performance sports cars go, the 911 has a reputation for being nearly bullet-proof, and there’s very little about it that’s finicky.”


• Passes the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals,
lighting systems, brakes, etc.

• Clear California title and current California registration


– Front head room 38 ”
– Rear head room 32 ”
– Front shoulder room 52 ”
– Front hip room 53 ”
– Front leg room 41.6 ”
– Luggage capacity 4.6 Cu.Ft.
– Maximum cargo capacity 11.7 Cu.Ft.
– Standard seating 4


– Length 174.5 ”
– Body width 69.7 ”
– Body height 51.4 ”
– Wheelbase 92.6 ”
– Curb 2,959 Lbs.


– Fuel tank capacity 16.9 Gal.
– EPA mileage estimates 18 City / 26 Hwy


– Base engine size 3.6 Liters
– Base engine type H-6
– Horsepower 345 Hp
– Horsepower rpm 6,800
– Torque 273 Lb-Ft.
– Torque rpm 4,250
– Drive type Rear-Wheel
– Turning radius 17.4 ”