2007 Porsche RUF Boxster S - 3.8 Liter 997 Engine, Suspension Upgrades


VIN: WP0CB29857U730226
Exterior Color: Atlas Gray Metalic
Interior Color: Black Leather
Engine: 3.8L H6
Transmission: 6 Spd. Manual
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10543
Mileage: 39,443

Highly Unique “987” RUF Boxster “S” with “997” 911 Engine

The Car Autoweek Described as “One of the Most Fun Cars We Have Driven”  

Converted by RUF in 2007 @ 3,491 Miles

Fully Documented, CA Smog Legal



After 27+ years in business selling a wide range of collectible sports and high performance cars, we rarely encounter a vehicle that we have not had in our showroom.  This professionally upgraded RUF Boxster “S” is one such car, and to say we are enthusiastic about this one would be a dramatic understatement!

This lifetime California car was sold new by Stevens Creek Porsche, Santa Clara, CA on 11/22/06.  The car was delivered as a stock Boxster “S” and after a year when the Porsche had only 3,491 miles, the cars original owner elected to have highly respected RUF Auto Center convert the car to a RUF 3800S with the X51 package.  The upgrades performed by RUF increase the horsepower of the stock Boxster “S” from 295 hp to a whopping 381 hp.  RUF also made enhancements to the suspension, added a larger RUF wheel/tire package (10” rear / 8.5” front), and an improved stainless steel, smog compliant exhaust system.

While the Boxster “S” has a largely stock appearance, the upgrades were significant and added over $43,000.00 to the sticker price of $63,530.00.  The RUF work is documented by receipts in the file as is ongoing maintenance since 2018 by Porsche dealers and specialists.  RUF improvements included:

– A 997 sourced 3.8 liter 911 Carrera S engine with factory X51 power kit increasing horsepower to 381 hp

– New wiring and plumbing to accommodate the engine swap

– Custom made motor mounts

– Custom made housing for the mass airflow sensor

– A new ceramic coated exhaust system

– RUF-design 19” wheels – 10” Rear / 8.5” Front

– Revised RUF lowering springs

– Subtle changes to the interior including: RUF logo shift knob, pedal set, and RUF logo doorsills

– Exterior RUF badging on the rear deck-lid

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Factory Options Include

Included with the Porsche is the original window sticker that shows the following options on this Boxster “S” that carried a window sticker of $63,530.00:

– Atlas Grey Metallic                                 $690.00

– Black Leather Interior                                      Incl.

– Preferred Package Plus                        $4995.00

The original window sticker documents the included options as follows:

– Color coordinated floor mats

– Self-dimming mirrors & rain sensor

– Power seat package

– Bi-Xenon Headlamp package

– Heated front seats

– 19” Carrera S Wheel

– Wheel caps with colored crests

– Bose Sound system

– Remote CD changer (6 disc)

When the current owner acquired the Porsche, he invested 0ver $5,500.00 in a new Pioneer 8200 NEX In-Dash GPS AV Receiver and a host of features including:

– Nav TV Hur 977

– Porsche Dash Install Kit

– Metra Antenna adapter

– Touchscreen Installation

– Backup camera- Bluetooth / flush USB added

– Front & Rear Advanced Radar Passport 9500ci built-in laser system


When it comes to drivability, we understand why the folks at RUF called this this particular Porsche “The Most Fun Car We Make.”  And, from a conversion company like RUF who is well known for producing high horsepower 911’s and 911 Turbo’s, this is quite a statement.

The beauty of the RUF Boxster “S” is that it has the stock appearance of a Boxster “S”, retains the creature comforts of a late model Porsche, and offers Porsche reliability.  Using the word  “Sleeper” to describe this Boxster “S” would certainly be appropriate.

From the minute you turn the ignition key, it becomes obvious that this is not a stock Boxster.  The deeper, more muscular exhaust note is the first indication of what’s to come.  As you get underway and accelerate in first gear it becomes apparent that this car has considerably more horsepower and torque than a regular “S.”

As we head out to some open road with a fair amount of twisties, the Boxster instills confidence and asks to be driven harder.  The car is a wonderful blend of power, acceleration, sound and handling finesse.  It has the feel of a Boxster “S” but with close to an additional ~100 hp is intoxicating to drive with considerable grip and power in every range.  We find ourselves down-shifting unnecessarily, just to hear the melodic tone of the exhaust and watch the revs rise quickly as we apply additional throttle.

After 30 minutes we find ourselves further from the showroom than normal and head back thinking, this one is special…very special.


The body of this striking example is finished in desirable Atlas Grey metallic (appears almost black in the photos but actually beautiful dark grey/blue) with black leather interior.  This Porsche has been owned by the current since 2016 and its condition reflects a high level of care by the current and previous owner.  We know from experience that Porsche owners / prospective buyers have high standards, and we are confident that this “no excuses” Boxster is certain to hold up under the most stringent scrutiny. The RUF Boxster “S” will be especially attractive to the Porsche enthusiast who seeks a unique Boxster 987 that offers great handling and exotic car performance all in a very attractive, mid-engine convertible.

Due in large part of the low mileage, 39,433 miles at this writing, the car remains in absolutely beautiful overall cosmetic condition.   This Porsche Boxster is exceptionally clean in every area, including the interior, exterior, trunk, and undercarriage.  The car has been very well cared and has a documented history of ongoing service by authorized Porsche dealers or local Porsche specialists since new.  Highlights of more recent preventative maintenance and repairs can be found under the section entitled “Engine & Mechanical – History”


The body of the Boxster is, simply stated, fantastic.  The Porsche is virtually damage free, including any significant door dings or dents.  The Car Fax report is totally clean and reflects no accident damage, theft, salvage title, or other suspicious history.  It carries the Car Fax guarantee.  It is important to note that this is a totally “honest” and beautiful Porsche Boxster and, unlike many of the cars that have bounced around auctions, this car has been privately owned by mature adults, never tracked or abused, and always well-maintained.

A close expert inspection of the car while on a lift reveals totally clean rocker panels; front and rear lower fender areas, and undercarriage.  The car is incredibly clean on both the topside, and the underside of the car.  All of the body panels, including doors, hood and trunk, are very straight, with excellent fitment, and have no signs of damage or previous repair. The car has the factory Porsche spoiler that is activated electronically, at speed that is fully operational.

As expected with an automobile of this caliber that has been in California, the car is of course, totally free from rust, pitting or major damage to the body.  It is obvious that the car has led the easy life in California since it was delivered to a Northern California dealer in 2007.

All of the exterior trim is in beautiful condition.  The front and rear bumpers have absolutely no “bumper rash”, or damage. Even upon close, critical inspection it is difficult to find noticeable imperfections.    All of the plastic trim and other exterior moldings are free from damage and in excellent condition.  The side windows are free from cracks and damage, and operate perfectly.  The front windshield has no cracks or significant chips or road rash.  The surrounding trim is in excellent condition.


The interior is in equally as good condition as the exterior including the convertible top, and trunk, and engine bay areas.  The entire interior is in excellent condition.  The side seat bolsters, sometimes badly worn on Porsche cars, remain free from tears, damage, and wear.   The carpet is excellent and RUF logo mats are present on driver and passenger sides of the car.

The dash is also in virtually perfect condition, as are the door panels and center console.   There are no cracks or signs of wear on the dash, center console or instruments, switches or steering wheel.  The retracting seat belts are, of course, original, free of any fraying or damage, as are the receiving parts of the seat belt units. The doorsills and doorjambs are clean and free from dirt and grease.

The car has an upgraded audio system complete with built in radar detector and rear camera.  The lights, gauges, and entire electrical system are 100% functional as you would expect from a high quality Porsche.

The trunk also contains the original carpet that is in excellent condition. The trunk area is completely clean and contains the original spare, tools and jack.  The trunk is totally free from any rust, signs of leakage, or damage. The spare, etc. are mounted in the front trunk and appear to have never been removed.


The upgraded 3.8 liter, 381 hp engine car makes the Boxster “S”, an already excellent car, into an even better one.  This RUF 3.8 was built by one of the premier Porsche specialists in the world, and the quality shows.  The RUF Boxster “S” offers tremendous performance while retaining the reliability of a stock Porsche and all of the creature comforts that the owner of a late model Porsche expects and deserves.  The Boxster is very strong mechanically and a recent inspection, within the previous 100 miles, resulted in a clean Bill of Health with no mechanical findings.

The engine is very strong, does not smoke, leak, or exhibit any problems whatsoever.  The Porsche idles smoothly at just below 1000 rpm, and does not hesitate, have any unusual noises or issues.   There is no noise in the driveline, and the clutch engages properly, and without slippage, chattering or fuss. The brakes work great and stop the car straight and sure.  The emergency brake is functional and correctly adjusted.

The car passed the last safety inspection (less than 1 week ago), with no findings/needs and is inspected on a regular basis to ensure that there are no mechanical issues/needs.

The engine and engine bay are very clean, and free from excessive oil, dirt and grease.  We have owned/driven a large number of Porsche cars over the years, and we can say with confidence, that this is an excellent running/driving car that will provide years of future enjoyment.

Specifically, a summary of recent maintenance is as follows:

– Complete safety inspection < 100 miles ago

– Passed California smog 2/3/20

– New Battery 7/3/20

– 4,000 miles ago – Oil & filter.  Check cabin and air filter – OK. Check all fluids, no codes  Replace window regulator.

– 6,000 miles ago – Complete oil service

– 8,000 miles ago – Complete oil service, replace cabin filter and air filter.  Adjust all tire pressures. Replace hood/trunk switch.

– 10,000 miles ago – New Pirelli P-Zero tires, mount & balance and wheel alignment.

– 12,000 miles ago – Replace exhaust bolts – Servicing facility noted “Vehicle is very well maintained.”

Previous maintenance records date back to 2008, shortly after the car was delivered and include frequent oil services and dealer service for any needed or recommended repairs.

The clean Car Fax report that chronologically documents the mileage and ownership, along with supporting that the car has had no history of accident damage, theft, flood, odometer tampering, etc.


ENGINE TYPE:  DOHC 24-valve flat-6, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection

DISPLACEMENT: 3.8 Liter X51 Power Kit

POWER (SAE net): 381 bhp @ 6250 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual


Wheelbase: 95.1 in Length: 171.6 in

Width: 70.9 in Height: 50.9 in

Curb weight: 3108 lb


– Zero to 60 mph: 4.2 sec
– Zero to 100 mph: 10.5 sec
– Zero to 150 mph: 30.0 sec
– Street start, 5-60 mph: 4.4 sec
– Standing ¼-mile: 13.4 sec @ 125 mph
– Top speed (drag limited): 179 mph
– Braking, 70-0 mph: 165 ft.
-Road holding, 200-ft-dia skidpad: 0.94 g


– EPA city/highway driving: 20/28 m

Thank you,
Classic Cars Ltd.