2012 LOTUS EVORA S 6-Speed 8k Mile, 1-Owner Car


Exterior Color: Metallic Gray
Interior Color: Black Leather
Engine: 3.5L Supercharged V6
Transmission: 6 Spd. Manual
Status: Available
Stock: 09-10673
Mileage: 7818


8k Mile; One-Owner Car



Ownership History

This 2012 Lotus Evora S was purchased new, by the first and only owner, on October 3, 2013 from Lotus Motorsports of Waltham, Massachusetts. The Lotus sold for $86,000 or a delivered price (including sales tax and documentary preparation) of $91,674. It was reportedly never driven in the rain and spent just under two years (~2500 miles) in on the East Coast before moving with its owner to California where it accumulated the rest of its 7,855 miles.


The Lotus Evora S was equipped with a 345hp 3.5L supercharged V6 from the factory; the 2GR-FE produced by Toyota is a die-cast aluminum 358lb block known for having bulletproof reliability. Paired with an Aisin 6 speed manual transmission, this car is able to reach 60 mph from a dead stop in just 4.3 seconds. The 295 pound-feet of torque certainly helped the Evora S reach this mark. The car sits on a staggered 235/35/19” and  275/30/20” setup which helps the car maintain stability at speeds of up to 178 mph.

Maintenance Records

  • Prior to the purchase the date, Lotus Motorsports of Waltham, Massachusetts addressed trunk and hood latch issues (Pictures 246-247) as well as a recall on the clutch master cylinder (Pictures 248-251).
  • Oil change, brake cleaning, and washer fluid change carried out on 5/19/2014 (Picture 253)
  • Oil change, brake cleaning, washer fluid change, pollen filter replacement performed on 5/20/2015 (Picture 254)
  • Shock absorber replacement performed on 6/18/2015 (Picture 255)
  • Oil change, brake cleaning, and washer fluid change carried out on 5/9/2016 (Pictures 256-257)
  • Right rear upper wishbone replacement performed on 10/23/2016 (Pictures 261-262)
  • Oil change and fluid top-offs performed on 9/6/2017 (Pictures 263-264)
  • Clutch master cylinder replacement, hose replacement, brake flush, and clutch position sensor replacement performed on 4/24/2018 (Pictures 265-266)
  • Oil change performed on 10/16/2018 (Picture 267)
  • Battery replacement performed on 2/21/2019 (Picture 268)
  • Oil change and fluid top-offs performed on 7/9/2019 (Picture 269-270)
  • Air filter replacement, pollen filter replacement, oil change, clutch and brake fluid service, tailgate strut replacement performed on 2/8/2021 (Pictures 271-277)
  • Oil change, fluid top-offs, clutch and brake fluid service, transmission fluid service, coolant flush, and spark plug replacement, rear tires replacement, 4 wheel alignment performed 2/22-3/4/2022 (Pictures 278-281)


In 1948, British and recent engineering school graduate Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman built his first racing car. To feed a racing habit, Chapman modified a 1928 Austin Seven and found success at local racing events. 4 years later in 1952, Lotus Engineering Ltd. was founded. Over the course of the following decades this company would rival the likes of Ferrari, pioneer Formula One oriented engineering,  and design some of the world’s most elite performance cars. Lotus had a rich history leading up to the 21st century and carried that momentum into the new millennia. In 2008, Lotus’ Project Eagle came to fruition and brought the Evora to the world. This model was created in an effort to expand the Lotus lineup and provide a more practical, but equally equipped, road car to the market compared to the Elise’s raw nature. The name Evora is derived from the words evolution, vogue, and aura. In 2010, the Evora S launched; this high-performance variant differed from the base model in its Harrop supercharger, single-tubed exhaust system, and recalibrated suspension and steering (among other differences) to better suit the track. Autocar deemed the Evora Britain’s Best Driver’s Car in 2009. That same year Evo named the Evora, Car of the Year. In 2017, Road & Track put the Evora at #2 in their annual “Performance Car of the Year” contest.