2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe


VIN: 120996
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 3.8 Liter 6 Cylinder
Transmission: Tiptronic
Status: Sold
Stock: 09-10448
Mileage: 26,026

Porsche C4S “991”….”There is no Substitute”

26,030 Miles – ” Beautiful, Enthusiast Optioned Example

Owned by a Discriminating Collector / Complete Maintenance History / 
Fully Documented Including Delivery Docs / Clean CarFax

CPO Extended Warranty until October, 2019 

This Carrera is best described as a totally legitimate, “No Excuses”, high quality Porsche C4S. The car is exceptional condition and is being offered at a fraction of its originally delivered price of $131,045.00 (not including tax, license, registration, etc.). The Porsche Build Sheet can be seen on our listing detailing the extensive options and upgrades and supporting the factory options. This lovely Carrera C4S is owned by a collector / enthusiast and shared garage space with his large number of exotic and collectible vehicles. The Porsche is being offered for sale only as a result of his acquisition of a new Porsche.

As expected with a high caliber example, the Porsche enjoys a totally clean Car Fax report and has been driven by a mature, responsible owner who ensured that it was in excellent condition at all times. The Porsche has never been tracked, damaged, or received partial re-painting. The car is protected by 3M clear bra covering the front bumper, portion of the hood, front fenders, and mirrors. The car has not been sold at auction or passed from dealer to dealer. Of course, the factory books, keys, factory build sheet, and related delivery documents are included with the Porsche and shown in the photographs.


In addition to the host of standard equipment found on the Porsche C4S, this car was built with the enthusiast in mind, and has a number of desirable options. The Porsche 991 is an incredible car to drive and with these options, even better. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, civilized drivability or, when driven “aggressively”, absolutely fierce handling, and overall performance. The following options, equipment, and features are worth noting:

Certified Pre-Owned by Porsche with factory following CPO through 10-20-2019 – transferable to the new owner.

– Totally Clean Carfax

– Black paint with black interior

– Carbon fiber interior trim

– 18 way Adaptive Sport Seats Plus with Porsche crests on headrests

– Premium Package Plus with auto-dimming mirrors

– Bi-Xenon headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System

– Seat heating & seat ventilation

– Interior Light Design package & Porsche Entry and Drive

– Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission

– Sport Exhaust system

– PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control)

– 20” TechArt wheels and new tires

– Wheel caps painted

– Sport Chrono package with Launch Control

– Sport Plus mode

– Dynamic Engine Mounts

– Dash mounted clock and stop watch

– Electric sunroof

– Sport Design steering wheel

– Tinted side and rear windows

– Bose stereo system including surround sound system

– Sirius XM, HD radio, 6-disc CD changer

– Clear bra covering front bumper, hood, front fenders, and mirrors

– MSRP $131,045.00 (not including tax, delivery and preparation costs)


As expected with a well-cared for Porsche with 26,000~ miles, the 4S is in excellent mechanical condition and has been serviced exclusively by factory trained Porsche technicians and service consistent with, or exceeding manufacturers recommendations. There are no warning lights / indicators and the car recently passed the California required safety inspection. Specifically, the service history (documented in the Porsche Maintenance Booklet) includes:

– 25 miles – 2/15/13 – Vehicle delivered new

– 33 miles – 2/21/13 – Pre-delivery inspections completed

– 300 miles – 12/18/13 – New tires mounted and balanced

– 6,154 miles – 6/5/14 – Maintenance inspection completed by Porsche / Minor Service

– 12,126 miles – 11/10/14 – Maintenance by Porsche, new tires, Minor service

– 21,024 miles – 1/8/16 – 20,000 mile service performed by Porsche – Brake rotors replaced, brake fluid flush, 4-wheel alignment, nitrogen fill tires, washed & detailed.

– 24,736 miles – 12/10/16 – Minor service (oil/filter), new heater diverter valve

The Porsche’s service history is also documented on the CarFax report that is a permanent part of the cars history. The 911 does not have any warning lights or service indicators being displayed and service is up to date and documented. The Porsche’s particular and mechanically capable owner exceeded the Porsche recommended service schedule as a result of the cars low mileage and had service performed as a function of time vs. mileage. With only 26K~ miles, the car has required minimal service but has received the necessary repairs and maintenance under the factory warranty. The Porsche is covered by a factory CPO warranty through 10/19, or until the mileage of 100,000 miles is reached (another 74K).


We must admit that describing this Porsche is straightforward. The Porsche has been very well cared for and driven sparingly by its enthusiast, caring owner. The car is in beautiful cosmetic condition with the interior and exterior condition rating very high, indeed. There is no CarFax report of any damage or re-painting and the owner confirms that the car has not received partial repainting. The classic black exterior and interior is striking and the carbon fiber interior trim, high quality German 20” TechArt wheels, color crested wheel caps, and other trim further enhance the overall appearance of the Porsche.

The Porsche exterior condition reflects the very low 26K miles. The Porsche is free from the considerable road rash found on high mileage examples. The 911 is protected by the 3M protective coating was applied to the front of the Porsche when the car was new to minimize potential damage to the front of the car. With the exception of minor nicks/chips, mostly in the 3M material, the remains free of any nicks / chips. As a result of the minimal use and little / no exposure to the elements, the C4S has superb paint that is free from all but the most minor imperfections that can be seen only upon the most critical close inspection. There is no body damage including door dings. The car has been a “one-driver” example under the owner’s care.

Of course, the car has been garaged for its entire life and received regular professional detailing to ensure that he Porsche looked its best at all times for its proud original owner. The exterior trim is equally as good with no nicks or scrapes on the bumpers (a suburban car so there is none of the “big city” parking damage), noticeable door dings or signs of previous or current damage or imperfections. The wheels are highest quality German produced, 20” TechArt wheels with only one minor and hardly noticeable imperfection on one wheel. Tires are virtually new Hankook Ventus V12 EVO tires in factory correct size.

The Porsche’s interior is equally as nice as the exterior showing no signs of wear and tear or and has seen minimal passenger use. The interior is exceptional from the seats to the door panels, trim, dash and all other parts of the inside cabin. The interior is highly optioned including the Sport Chrono package, adaptive 18 way heated/cooled seats and upgraded factory Sport Design steering wheel. The old adage “A photograph is worth 1,000 words” applies when it comes to the photos of the interior. It is simply as good as it gets and has the appearance of a virtually new car. The rear fold down seats are in fantastic condition as is the remainder of the Porsche’s interior, and other interior trim.

PORSCHE CARRERA 4S – WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY?When it comes to reviews of the 2013 Porsche ‽991” you don’t have to search far to find a multitude of positive articles and rave comments about the re-designed Porsche 911. One such is example is the review written by Edmunds…

“Even with a shrunken lineup in 2013 Porsche 911 remains the definitive sports car.”

“There are only a handful of iconic cars whose complete redesign is both as highly anticipated as well as utterly feared by car enthusiasts as the Porsche 911. When the seventh-generation 911 debuted in 2013, people wondered whether the car would still have enough spirit to make it worthy of its iconic name. Now that we’ve had a year to reflect, we have to say that it was a storm in a teacup. The 2013 Porsche 911 is still very much a 911. Of all the changes wrought on one of the world’s most famous sports cars, last year’s shift from hydraulic- to electric-assisted steering was one of the most scrutinized. Rest assured Porsche faithful, as the 911 still has lightning reflexes and a jeweler’s precision, but is now more capable and more comfortable over a wider range of circumstances. It’s rare for any company to release every model and trim variant during a redesign year, and Porsche is no different. To give you an idea of scale, at its maximum number during the previous generation’s production, there were 21 distinct Porsche 911 models available. Now in its second year of production, the new Porsche 911 is limited to a relatively skimpy six variants. But there’s little reason to fret; with its sublime handling, impressively quick acceleration and everyday usability, even a basic 911 is an utterly fantastic sports car. Of course, there are other choices when it comes to flashy metal. Rivals such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi R8, Chevrolet Corvette and Mercedes-Benz SL are all desirable in their own right. But when it comes to a highly evolved and refined front runner, there is no substitute for the 2013 Porsche 911.”

“The 2013 Porsche 911 remains the definitive sports car.”

– DRIVING THE CARRERA 4SAs expected from a Porsche with just over 26,000 miles, the Porsche runs and drives perfectly. An inspection less than 100 miles ago confirms the mechanical strength of the Porsche and the ongoing preventive maintenance has been completed in an attempt to minimize any future mechanical issues.

The Carrera S has an absolutely intoxicating exhaust sound. While not offensive or overly loud, the car has the perfect blend of intake roar, mechanical ‽melody” and guttural ‽burbles” resulting in music that has us reaching to turn off the cars sound system to better hear the car’s engine. As the revs rise, the exhaust tone becomes increasingly pleasing.

The cars handling is superb aided by the all wheel drive (4S) system. While we haven’t driven the Carrera even close to its maximum capabilities, the braking and steering are absolutely first rate and the car begs to be driven harder and harder.

The Carrera 4S is extremely comfortable under all driving conditions ranging from a daily commute to, well, more spirited activities. As always, Porsche has designed and delivered a superb driving instrument in the Carrera C4S. The car combines precision, balance, gusto, style, and what we imagine would be impressive test-track results if that is your forte. The C4S is simply amazing fun to drive. It’s the hot-looking partner that you’ve been looking for, will enjoy on your first date, and never tire of.




3.8 Liters


294 KW @ 7400 RPM

400 HP @ 7400 RPM

394 BHP @ 7400 RPM


325 lb-ft. @ 5600 RPM

441 Nm @ 5600 RPM


Direct Injection




215 g/km



4.1 Seconds



34 mpg US OR 6.9 L/100Km


26 mpg US OR 9 L/100Km


All Wheel Drive


7-speed double clutch transmission (Porsche Doppelkupplung – PDK)



Ventilated Discs


Ventilated Discs


245/35 R20 || 305/30 R20


176.8 in OR 4491 mm


72.9 in OR 1852 mm

51 in OR 1295 mm


60.6/61.1 in OR 1,539/1,552 mm


96.5 in OR 2451 mm


4.5 in OR 114 mm


4.4 cu.ft or 125 L




3230 lbs. or 1465 kg


4178 lbs. or 1895 kg