1967 Ford Mustang - One Owner Local Car 42K Miles! (SOLD- California)


VIN: 7RC01C152893
Exterior Color: Candy Apple Red
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 289 c.i. V8
Transmission: Automatic
Status: SOLD
Stock: 09-10535
Mileage: 42,525
Features: One Owner, delivered locally, fully documented history and maintenance records...42,525 miles

1967 Ford Mustang – Incredible Original “Survivor”


  Finished in Factory Correct Candy Apple Red / Black Interior & Vinyl Top

California Produced, 289c.i, P/S, Remote Mirror – Rust Free Example 



Over the course of our 26+ years in business, we have had the pleasure of selling more 1960’s Mustangs than we can count.  This one owner, local car is simply one of the nicest 1967’s that we have had the pleasure of having in our Pleasanton, CA showroom.  Sadly, it is offered by the estate of the cars original owner who loved the Mustang and kept it in amazing condition for its entire life, over 50 years!  This is the first time the car has ever been offered for sale.

  • Originally delivered in nearby Burlingame, CA (~30 miles from our location), the car is supported by many of the original sale / delivery documents and historical forms including the following:
  • Clear transferable title indicating “Year First Sold” 1967 (Delivered new in nearby Burlingame, CA & always “lived” in East Bay of Northern California
  • R Code indicating original production in nearby San Jose, CA
  • Original Vehicle Maintenance & Owner Change Report issue by delivering dealer, Jones Mento Ford Sales, nearby Burlingame, CA to Mr. Carl C. Walsh on 1/11/67
  • Cashiers California DMV receipt for registration ($3.00!)
  • Original 1967 “Plan Ahead fro Safety” brochure issued by Ford “A Guide for Good Drivers.”
  • Atlas Battery Guarantee(s) dated 1970 & showing California address of owner
  • National Automobile Club Service Guide (Dated July-August, 1968)
  • Official Service Guide from the National Automobile Club – Dated May/June 1977
  • Original vintage National Automobile Club Sticker & 10 Year Member Sticker (unused)
  • 2 sets of keys

The car represents a true “Survivor” as it remains in stock condition in virtually every respect, with the exception of replacement of maintenance items.   Cosmetically, the car rates extremely high as a result not only of its low mileage, reported by the family to be accurate at 42,525, but also as a result of a complete, trim removed, 2-stage repaint in the factory delivered “Candy Apple Red” color.  The receipt documents an extensive respray with no replacement of panels or body damage, just a high level repaint including the replacement of the factory issued vinyl top. It is very refreshing to see an example of the desirable Mustang coupe that remains totally stock and free of mechanical and cosmetic changes that we so often see.  The ’67 Mustang truly stands out among the many second generation Mustangs and will appeal to a new owner who is looking for the highest quality Mustang Coupe.  The car not only represents a great driver/cruiser, but can proudly be proudly shown at car shows complete with an interesting history of ownership and excellent care.  Highlights of the Mustang include:

  •         Factory correct 289 c.i. engine
  •         Floor mounted automatic transmission
  •         Power steering
  •         Totally stock engine bay / engine
  •         Stock wheels & excellent whitewall tires
  •         Factory correct, stock full hubcaps
  •         New battery
  •         Factory correct optional remote side view mirror
  •          Excellent stock black interior
  •          Factory stock floor shift
  •           Factory stock AM radio (functional)
  •           Includes receipts for recent upgrades / maintenance


The Mustang carries a VIN# of 7R01C152893 (matching on the inner front fender and driver’s side door).  It decodes as follows:

7 / R / 01 / C / 181093

7 = 1967 (Year)

R = San Jose, CA (Production Plant)

07 = Hardtop (Body Style)

C  = 289 cubic inch V8 (Engine Size)

152893 (Sequential Production Number)


The trim tag has the original factory rivets and no indication of having been removed.  Some over-spray exists from the complete, high quality 2-stage respray.  The trim tag decodes as follows:

  • Shows proper VIN # matching title:  7R01C152893
  • Body “65A”   Mustang 2 Door Hardtop
  • Color “T”       Candy Apple Red Exterior
  • Trim “2A”       Black Interior
  • Date 14M      Produced 14th day of December (M=December) – Consistent with delivery date of 1/11/67
  • DSO “72”      San Jose District Code

A photo of both the fender VIN # and the door trim tag are shown in our photos


The family of the owner indicates that the car always received regular need and preventative maintenance and, frankly, the way the car runs and drives it shows.  The maintenance records date back over 12 years and while more extensive documentation existed, it was not located in the original (deceased) owners paperwork/files.  However, the car has been fully operational for years and ongoing maintenance has been performed including a recent complete mechanical inspection within the last 45 days, and a safety inspection within the past 50 miles.    Highlights of maintenance work performed during the last 1,000 miles include:

– Complete oil service (performed on a regular basis)

-New brake shoes, hoses / wheel cylinders as needed

-New rear axle seals

– Replacement of all rubber fuel hoses

– Complete tune-up including spark plugs, new wires, all ignition related components

– New distributor

– New air filter element

– R&R front idler arm and front suspension part

– Adjust idle and timing

– Check transmission fluid

– New master cylinder

– Bleed brake system and change pads , new wheels cylinders and lines as needed

– New heater control cables (heater and fan work)

NOTE: The above work is documented by receipts including the most recent work performed on November 2, 2019 at 42,410 miles (100 miles ago) that included a complete tune-up, new carburetor, timing, ignition parts, etc.

The car runs and drives very well with no noise in the drive-line, no excessive oil leaks, an excellent starting when cold and warm.  The brakes are properly adjusted stopping the car straight and sure and the emergency brake is functional and adjusted correctly.  This is a very nice car to drive and has been extremely reliable for its long time owner.


  •       Absolutely exceptional factory correct Candy Apple Red paint
  •        Excellent panel fit including the doors, hood and trunk lid
  •       Trim removed / replaced at time of complete 2-stage repaint
  •       Very nice stainless trim around windows
  •       Very Good glass all around with windshield free from cracks and chips
  •       Very nice stainless trim around windows
  •      Bright chrome bumpers both front and rear with only minimal “hazing” but no noticeable dents


  • Interior is in excellent condition
  • No cracks in top of dash
  • Carpet is in good condition but faded except for areas under front rubber mats (not shown in photos)
  •  Factory center shift
  • Very nice headliner in black
  • Good sun-visors, both sides
  • Day/night rear view mirror
  •  Shiny Ford logo sill plates
  •  All stock gauges (functional and clear) = Note: excellent oil pressure and charging system read-outs
  •  Solid trunk w/ proper pattern mat


The desirable factory original paint is absolutely beautiful.  It is in excellent condition having been professionally re-done with preparation that was completed at considerable cost and included trim removed.  There are no signs of over-spray on the rubber or stainless trim while the underside of the car (refer to photos) does show signs of over-spray.  The paint is very high gloss with no signs of partial re-painting or touch-up and is free from orange peel or other significant imperfections.  There is one very minor scratch in the front hood, passenger side, that is too small to show in the photos.  Overall, the paint and body rate unusually high quality and anything but the “quickie” franchise paint jobs that we see on some vintage cars.

The body of the Mustang is extremely solid with excellent hood, trunk and door fitment. There are no signs of major damage with the bumpers and trim remaining in excellent condition. There is no rust in the floors, trunk, engine bay or other common areas.  All chrome and stainless trim is quite nice, free from major imperfections and falls in the category of what we often term as “California Quality.” All factory badging is in place and in excellent condition.

The underside of the car is free from rust through and only shows the normal patina and road exposure for a car of this vintage.  The car is relatively dry underneath and floor pans and undercarriage items are free from damage.  The floor pans and frame sections are solid and do not appear to have been replaced or repaired.  While the photos reflect a certain amount of California “patina”, knowledgeable buyers will appreciate its overall cleanliness for a 1967 Mustang and notice the difference between inclement weather cars and those that have had significant panel replacement and/or damage.  The exhaust and other components are stock in configuration and the muffler has a small hole.

The all-black interior is in very fine condition, showing very little wear with the exception of faded carpet that is actually in good original condition.  We resisted the temptation to have it dyed as it shows the originality of the Mustang.  The trunk floor is very solid, free of significant rust and the trunk has a proper pattern mat, factory wheel, older tire and proper factory jack. An aftermarket “Ford” bag is included (shown in photos) and could be used for extra tools, oil, etc. (not included).

The engine compartment shows well considering the age of the car and reflects recent and ongoing maintenance items.  It remains in virtually 100% stock configuration including the original air cleaner, minimal smog equipment, original manifolds, exhaust system and other components.

The current odometer reading is 42,525 miles. While we have information from the current owners (family) that the mileage as stated is correct, as a result of the vintage of the vehicle we are obligated to list it as TMU (Total Mileage Unknown). However, based on the cars overall condition and the care that it has received over the years, the car has the appearance of a collectible vehicle with 42,525 miles.

This ’67 Mustang represents an exceptional example that can be proudly cruised and taken to car shows and appreciated by a wide range of enthusiasts and Mustang aficionados. The extensive photographs accurately reflect the car’s condition including the body, paint, engine compartment, interior and underside.


– Clear California title with current registration

– California smog test not required for vehicles 1975 and older

– Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.


From the first turn of the key, it becomes obvious that this Mustang has been well maintained over the years.  The car starts immediately whether cold or warm, with the automatic choke creating a high idle for a minute until the car settles down to a smooth, proper idle.    As we accelerate the car responds and is smooth and responsive with proper shifting up and down through the automatic transmission.   The car runs cool even in our triple digit Northern California temperatures and starts easily after being stored for some time.  The brakes respond very well stopping the car straight and sure and, during our return trip we are able to use the headlights, turn signals, radio and test the wipers. All of the electrical functions are fully operational and even the AM factory radio works for those that would rather listen to the radio instead of the soft rumble of a 60’s V8.

The Mustang driving experience brings us back to another era and this particular Mustang not only looks like it would have a few years after being delivered, but runs and drives as we remember!


First conceived by Ford product manager Donald N. Frey and championed by Ford Division general manager Lee Iacocca, the Mustang prototype was a two-seat, mid-engine roadster. This would later be remodeled as a four-seat car penned by David Ash and John Oros in Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury Division design studios, which produced the winning design in an intramural design contest suggested by Iacocca.

When introduced in April, 1964 the Mustang caused quite a stir.  The car was designed by Ford to compete with sports cars of Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth in the market for affordable sports cars with a wide range of power.  The first Mustang had three engine choices ranging from a small, six cylinder engine producing just over 100 horsepower, to larger horsepower V-8 engines with various horsepower ratings.  Also available were a variety of transmission options including three speed manual, automatic, and the most sought after 4-speed manual transmission.

In the early years of the Ford Mustang, the car was only available as a Coupe or convertible.  When first introduced, $2400.00 would buy a standard Mustang and for twice that amount you could purchase a top-of-the-line car with upgraded interior, exterior trim and larger V-8 engine.

The Mustang was so successful that the car sold 22,000 units on the first day and over 100,000 cars were sold within the first four months.  Nearly 20,000 Mustangs were sold by the end of the first year and by 1966 the one millionth Mustang had rolled out of Dearborn Michigan.

Today, high quality Mustangs in original condition are becoming increasingly difficult to locate and collectors & enthusiasts alike are looking for nice examples.

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