VIN: 1566061
Exterior Color: Green
Interior Color: Black
Engine: Type IV 1.7 Liter / Twin Empi Carburetors
Transmission: 4-Speed
Status: SOLD
Mileage: 1,1150
Features: Completely rebuilt mechanically including Type IV engine, fully syncromesh transmission, side pods, rear storage compartment.

1957 Manx Dune Buggy

Featuring “Meyers Manx” Features & High Quality Construction Characteristics

Professional Construction to the Highest Standards with less than 1,000 Miles – Runs & Looks Like New! 


We have a history with the Meyers Manx that dates back longer than we care to admit.  When our owner was in high school in Chicago in the late 60’s, and before obtaining his driver’s license, he used to take the bus to his first job.  Already keenly interested in all things automotive, the job offered the opportunity to around “car guys” and perform important duties including sweeping floors, maintaining bulletins boards, and acting as the company “gopher.”  The business was Major Motors, a company that sold the Meyers Manx and Fiberfab kit cars during the height of the dune buggy and fiberglass kit car era.  He still has vivid memories of rides in high powered dune buggies, and the enthusiasm of new owners who took delivery of their newly constructed Manx, or kit car.  It was a special time and one of the reasons that he pursued a 2nd career spanning 25+ years dealing with collector car enthusiasts around the globe.

Since we opened Classic Cars Ltd. we have had several dune buggies, a large number of kit or replicas, and a wide range of unique and specialty vehicles.  After 25+ years in business it takes a very special vehicle for us to exclaim “this is the nicest that we have seen.”  However, of the dune buggies that we have had and enjoyed, this one is best example that we have owned or represented.  Admittedly, this is a strong statement, but truth be told, it is virtually indistinguishable from a Meyers Manx, even to the “experts” who are familiar with the uniqu build features of the original Meyers Manx.  Even Winnie Meyers, wife of the founder of the Meyers Manx, Bruce Meyers, commented that his is a great example and only after 40+ photos was she able to provide an option that the car was not an original Manx.  Even to VW and dune buggy experts, this car is virtually indistinguishable from a Meyers Manx.  Additionally, it is professionally built and utilizes quality components rarely seen in a dune buggy.   No short-cuts were taken and everything on this fully turn-key, ready to enjoy buggy.

This dune buggy is built on a completely reconditioned 1957 chassis and carries a clean California title and California registration.  The chassis was  properly and professional shortened and received all new suspensions components, brakes, and a host of mechanical upgrades detailed later in this description.  Please refer to the photos of the underside to view the high quality and like new condition of the cars undercarriage that is consistent with the high quality of the body, interior, and mechanical components.  This example represents a “cost no object” restoration, not a “garage build” utilizing inferior components, a small displacement engine, and inexperienced builder.    Constructed to the highest quality, this Manx includes a Type IV engine with just over 1,100 miles since the car was completed.  It is fitted with rarely “side pods” and the desirable and rare rear “trunk” that provides locked storage, Porsche 914 seats, roll bar, 3-point seat belts / harnesses, period style dash, and considerable mechanical upgrades and improvements.  A truly exceptional example, this dune buggy will appeal to the buyer who seeks the “best of the best” in unique vehicles.  As with the original Meyers Manx, the dune buggy has quality construction features and a body that has a Meyers Manx appearance including:

  • Very thick, solid, and crack / damage free body
  • High quality re-spray in a lovely, period 50’s / 60’s VW color/shade
  • Manx emblem “bulge” on the front hood
  • Front design ala Meyers Manx
  • Rear license plate opening as per Meyers Manx
  • Meyers Manx license plate frame
  • Optional side pods available today through  Meyers Manx
  • Very rare, locking rear storage compartment (huge capacity)
  • Front & rear under fender / body strengthening bars – not seen on inexpensive copies)
  • Roll bar & windshield as per original style
  • Simple dash with period style VDO cockpit gauges
  • Chrome housing VW tail lights used on the original period correct buggies
  • Exterior front correct style chrome bumper (tow bar also included
  • Front quick-fill gas filler

In addition to proper appearance, the “Manx” has an impressive list of mechanical upgrades including a completely rebuilt Type IV engine with balanced, matching Empi dual carbs and mated to a rebuilt 4 speed transmission with lockout, braking system, hydraulics, front brakes, and virtually every system from front to back.  Specifically, mechanical details include:

  • Completely rebuilt 1.7 liter 4 cylinder Type IV Type IV Engine engine (similar to Porsche 914, VW Squareback) with horsepower in the 80+ range vs. the original 36-40 hp VW engine
  • Twin Empi carburetors synced and matched when engine was built
  • Rebuilt 4-Speed transmission with lock-out (and key)
  • New clutch and all related components
  • Remote oil filter
  • External oil cooler
  • Powder coated engine sheet metal
  • Saco Products finned aluminum valve covers
  • Chrome vented fan cover
  • High pressure oil lines
  • Dual tunable exhaust
  • New Gold battery
  • Front disc brake conversion
  • Widened VW wheels / 245/15″ (Rear) 225/15″ (Front)
  • New shocks front & rear
  • All new brake pads, lines, shoes, discs, master and related components
  • Functional e-brake
  • All new wiring with functional wipers, horn, & lighting systems
  • Fitted with 4 way flashers
  • DC outlet in dash
  • Period style gauges including vintage VW speedometer  and VDO cockpit instruments including fuel level, clock (works!), oil temperature, and Ammeter
  • Wiring run to and through roll bar for whip antenna / CB, etc.

While most VW’s are built with “Bug” engines the upgrade to a Type IV is significant, not only die to the increase in horsepower but, more important, the fact that these engine are considerably more durable and represent a completely new engine by VW.  Additionally, the Type IV has a shorter stroke and is fitted with “over square” pistons (much wider than they are long) resulting in a robust engine with low torque and the ability to cruise at high speeds while producing less heat than previous engines.  It was designed and was ideal for powering a heavier car and when installed in a light weight dune buggy offers exhilarating performance.

Cosmetically, the car is striking. It is finished in a period color, with beautiful, high quality paint work and a totally damage free body that is extremely solid including the under fender supports as fitted to the Meyers Manx.  The dune buggy has not had partial re-painting or touch-up since the complete restoration.  The Manx is fitted with side-pods that nicely finish the sides of the car eliminating the “raw” fiberglass sides seen on most dune buggies.  The front headlights are chrome as are the mid-60’s VW rear tail-light housings.  The front right side of the hood features an aluminumquick release fuel filler.  The dash is fitted with classic style VDO gauges monitoring oil temperature, fuel level, charging system, and a functional clock.  A VW period speedometer is installed in the dash that is functional, including the odometer.  The interior includes a chrome period style 3-spoke steering wheel, Porsche 914 seats (adjustable), 3-point seat belts/harnesses, a roll bar, and rubber mats in the front.  The rear, locking compartment is very large and provides a secure storage compartment not typically seen on vehicles of this type.  A rear view mirror and two chrome side mirrors are fit to the Manx. The wheels are powder coated an attractive light gray that looks great against the body color.  A front, chrome bumper is fitted for protection of the front hood that includes a raised area as seen on the Meyers Manx.  A VW tow bar is included (not shown in the photos) should the new owner choose to tow the dune buggy.

Mechanically, the car is very strong, supporting the complete engine rebuild and carburetion, exhaust, and other improvements.  It starts immediately whether cold of warm, and has excellent power from the durable and reliable Type IV engine.  The engine does not smoke, have any flat spots, or unusual noises and has a wonderful exhaust note with “adjustability” using the fitted baffles.  As the photos show, the underside is dry and the VW does not smoke or leak fluids.  The 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly through all of the gears with excellent syncros, a clutch that engages properly, brakes that stop the car straight and sure, and tight, precise steering.  We have driven more VW’s and various dune buggies than we can count and this example is the best of the group.  It is tight, well-constructed, great fun to drive, and needs nothing to be used and enjoyed.

Classic Cars Ltd.