From Seller:

Hi Paul,
Arthur, the driver delivered this AM +- 8:45 (I think that was his name) Nice guy. The truck looks great as you said, even better than in the photos! Stevie, Jerry, Chad, Becky and I ooed and awed over it for about an hour then we all had to go back to work. 😖  Jerry, Chad and Becky work with us. The Title and other docs were in the PO box this AM also. Stevie and I couldn’t be more pleased so thank you very much for your service and assistance. Money well spent!!!
R & S.. M____ Arizona
From Buyer:
Thank you for a great first transaction.  I was impressed that the ’48 sold within a few weeks and for a price that exceeded my expectations.  You will be getting my other cars as I thin the herd down from 12!!  Get ready for the ’32 & ’34, soon to come.  Thanks again, Q.B. Northern California